Evolve 2.0?

Just got this email. image
A whole second game, rather than just expanding on the first? Does anyone know anything about this?

Edit: WRONG. It’s not a second game. Apparently, they’re rebuilding some of Evolve’s core functionality to be more stable and accessible on new operating systems. Huzzah!!

Wait WHAT?!!



Real reaction to reading this post.

EDIT: It doesn’t even look like Evolve. Could it be something else?

EDIT 2: Oh ok, that’s was a strange mix up.

It’s the game client at /r/Evolve instead of /r/EvolveGame

Thats… the LAN multiplayer Evolve… not EvolveGame…

I’ll not quite following. Do they not intend on bringing this to Evolve?

It’s this…

NOTHING to do with Evolve the video game.

I used it for Halo Online once :stuck_out_tongue:


I… Do not recall ever, ever seeing that before, let alone subscribing to an email list. Well, that makes me kinda sad. Thought TRS was making Evolve more stable overall.

Lock the thread, hide my shame.

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As @RCSRex said, this is a completely different thing. Evolve here is a thing that allows people to use a program for things like Terraria, Minecraft, Unturned, TF2, ect. to create an artificial LAN network that lets people create a private ‘multiplayer server’ for their friends and themselves.

EvolveGame, is what this forum is dedicated to, the game made by TRS, 4v1 asymmetrical gameplay.


#Is not this:

If that makes it clearer :smile:

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I do at least understand what Evolve the game is, yes, but I appreciate the condescension. >.>
Others have already explained, but thank you.

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Sorry :sweat_smile:

I don’t mean for things to come out that way I’m just not good with words… or communication… or socialization… or…

~returns to my dark room full of videogames~

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All good, no worries. I know you’re a smart and welcoming guy, I see you around here often enough.

Mods! I summon theeeeee @Sentry_Gun @TheMountainThatRoars

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Locked as requested :slight_smile: