Evolution Mania Trophy not popping?


So I’ve been grinding for the Evolution Mania Trophy. Only need this one and Elite all monsters to get platinum.

Problem is, it doesn’t seem to want to pop. I checked how many times I’ve evolved to stage 3. (I go into profile, monster, monster awards, and scroll to the “It’s Evolution (Evolve to Stage 3)” award for each monster.)

I have 15 for the Goliath, 7 for the Kraken, and 5 for the Wraith. That’s 27 times?? Trophy says you only need 25. Confused and frustrated. Send help. T___T


I used to have a PS4 and sometimes the trophies got all glitched.
Try this:

  1. Upload your save data to the cloud and/or make a copy on a USB
  2. Delete the save from your console
  3. Turn the PS4 off and restart
  4. Start the game and choose the sync option and select download

That should select your save data from the cloud and the trophies should activate. Sometimes only a few would pop up and I’d have to repeat the process over again to get the rest.


I have the same Problem. :disappointed:

I tried deleting the Save and playing with a fresh one, no Luck.

I got 28 Evolutions now, mostly done in Solo Custom Arena.





Maybe it only counts online matches?