Evolution location upgrades


With that somewhat misleading title out of the way, my idea is this: Different things will take effect depending on where you evolve. For example, evolving in water could leave you with some armor, evolving next to a generator could give you an extra upgrade point, etc. This could be easily broken by different maps, game modes, etc, but I think this could add some more dynamic tactical choice to an evolution. What do you think?

Wish thread (what you want even if you "know" it wont happen)

Hmmmm… I kind of like the idea. However, instead of having it in all the modes because that could take a while to balance, having a map bonus for victory could have something like this for just the next level. Because those maps are always adjacent you could make sure certain ones would always be present and help create an interesting ‘flair’.


This idea is actually pretty cool. To balance it you’d either have to add disadvantages to location Evolution or make it a map effect. Example, evolving next to a generator gives you an extra upgrade point and a little bit of armor but you lose a little bit of health, etc. Or just make it a map effect, that works.


I like it the opposite. You start with a bit more armor but have one less skill point. Reason being that if you are evolving right next to the generator you are more likely going Stage 3. This should encourage a strategy other than evolving right next to a gen after juking hunters for a possible cheese win. You increase your risk at not being as strong offensive, but slightly better defensive when they catch up. hmmm… I think that there could be some cool ways to do this.


Fair enough. It’d have to be a substantial amount of armor to offset the loss of skill power, but it could work.

Although I’m pretty sure our all-powerful overlords have reasons not to implement this, like with every other idea we have. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I dunno, I could see it as a map bonus perk. Maybe not have it tied to ‘where’ you evolve, but you get bonus armor after evolving no matter where. Maybe 1/4-/12 max armor after coming out of evolve? Maybe a slightly faster evolve? If you lose that map slightly slower evolve time? I think there could be cool shenanigans.


Now that is a good idea. And seeing as they’ll be working on new maps, they could use it. Summon the Kra- I mean, Turtles!


Lol no that could break the balance


i love the idea


actually make it a buff, just like the ones you get for hunting/feeding. Make it so buffs can overwrite them and you can only have one at a time.


This is actually a really interesting idea, and could definitely spice up games that might otherwise just be the Monster running and hiding until stage 3.


I want one to be "If you evolve near the Hunters in a Dome you start growing tentacles that picks up and throws hunters around in a close proximity :smiley:


I see this as another variable. It would really make it quite difficult for the Hunters to keep up with your evolution process, since there are so many possibilities, which you’d have to present in some way. Heck, it’s kind of distracting to remember which perk does the Monster have already…

On the other hand, it’s an interesting variable. Adds some really neat things to do as a Monster, and can possibly encourage risks while searching for an evolve spot you do want, which the Hunters can use to their advantage.


This is why I think it could be an evac bonus :slight_smile:


Why 2 bars of Armor after Evolving? Or 20% more Damage on a skill breaks a balance but increasing the no fuel climb speed by 50% is fine? Use the same scale for both classes :smile:


Make it its own game mode. Things like this would break standard hunt