Evolution In A different Sense


Okay, so I’m not sure if this goes here- but. Look at the Monsters.

Look at Goliath. Then, closely to Kraken- similar. Goliath and Wraith share no traits. But Kraken and Wraith do.

There are only Goliath minions- so, here’s my thought.

Goliaths are the first ‘stage’ of these lifeforms, to grow to the next takes a lot of energy and spare mass, hence the eating, evolving, building up armor. From there, it could become a Kraken- and then a Wraith, respectively. Makes some sense.

… or not, I need sleep.


So you’re saying it evolves from a Giant Beast into a Pussy Teleporter?

(I kid ofcourse, Wraith is fun)


My problem with it is that evolution is something which happens to populations over successive generations, not individuals. It should be called Metamorphose. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, it’s just a game and I can forgive the creatures not having morphologies which suggest common ancestry far more here than in a built world like the one in the movie, Avatar.

So don’t worry about it.


I do actually see enough similarities between goliath and wraith to say they are in the same family of the species. Wraith’s head is more like goliath’s and the shape of her back is similar too.

anyhow, here is how I invision it based on the dialogue I’ve heard.

  • Goliath is the base form of the monsters - designed as a simple alpha predator that outclasses all simple wildlife
  • Kraken Evolves after contact with humans - humans prove more intelligent than simple wildlife and start to kill Goliaths. Kraken is the response plan
  • Wraith Evolves after hunter contact - Krakens are being hunted down and slaughtered by hunters. Wraith adaps by becoming harder to track and faster to kill
  • Behemoth Evolves as an alternative to Wraith - realizing that even wraiths are killed by hunters, monsters adapt to take hits instead of avoid them

That is just my take though. I could be totally wrong!


Funny story, the original game was actually called Metamorphosis.


That explains why griffin was saying that kraken is a bit more aggressive or something like that


Well if we wanna be technical: evolution as a concept existed before Darwin- it was believed by some that ‘Lamarkian’ evolution drove species to change over time, not reproductive selection: giraffes had long necks because of all the stretching they did to reach the more nutritious vegetation higher up and passed on this development to their off-spring. This would be considered morphism without the metamorphosis; morphology is altered but not transformed as in the case of a larvae into an insect.

To my mind though, the monsters in Evolve could not have evolved by either natural selection or lamarkian adaptation. I’m slowly piecing together their origin from playing as hunter and listening to the dialogue between certain characters on certain maps.

EDIT: From this I know that all of the announced monsters existed before the start of the Evolve story and did not develop in response to Cabot’s crew but were ‘attracted’ from somewhere else on Shear in response.


I guess it wasn’t catchy enough.


It was not. Chris stated that it didn’t “roll off the tongue” like Evolve does.