Evolution glitch (PS4)


Soooo a few weeks ago I was playing MG, and I evolved to S2. However, my health and armor stayed the same! They didn’t increase. IDR if my body changed or not. I tried getting to S3, and I had the same thing. Then, this morning, I played Savage Kraken and had the same problem! And on top of this, during the Kraken game, my attacks seemed to have a delay. In the MG one, my ping wasn’t as high, so it’s understandable. My ping was around 117 the first time, and it was 29 the second time. Both incidents happened in Ranked on Broken Hill Foundry.

@Insane_521 @LordDeath Will this be fixed in TU9?


What the O.O.

Also I noticed that at this time: https://youtu.be/1-fr-mKk-Lc?t=330, you ate a strider and got full evolve meter but suddenly got reset by 2 meats again.

This is so weird…


It’s a visual bug, just let the bot take over for a second and it’s fixed


This is in Ranked.


Since I don’t play ranked, what’s that supposed to tell me?


You can’t take a break.


Good to know, thank you, but bad for you since this is, as far as I know, the only way to get rid of it