Evolution effects and monster skins


I just want to be upfront and say I know this is an incredibly minor issue but, I notice it every day when I play.

When you evolve, you see big bubbles and growth effects sprouting up and popping all over your monster. These effects always take on the colors of the default skin for your chosen monster’s species regardless of what skin you decide to equip that match.

It would be really nice if these effects better reflected the colors of your monster skin. Again, this is a very small issue and most people probably don’t care because there are much larger fish to fry right now in-game but still. If they can code Behemoth’s rock form to reflect his skin it would be nice if they could update this.

On a side note, it would be great if monster glow changed with the monster’s skin. Take Goliath’s eyes as an example, on Cosmic his eyes are blue so wouldn’t it look sexy if his purple skin had a blue glow? His Bog skin has green eyes, it would look fantastic if that skin had a green glow to match.

Update Evolve Animation Effects

It would be nice if skins affected particles/abilities and evolution. Not sure how much work is involved, but it would be nice.


I totally agree!!


Agreed, evolution in general is coded to look like the default skin with no consideration for the actual monster’s skin in-game.


I thought something like that would be interesting. But it would be a pain to do.


Yessss, Gray bubbles arent flattering on my albino Goliath


I kinda want to start tagging devs but I don’t know who to summon.


@Lindz is an effects artist. She may be able to tell you if it’s feasible at this point or not.


I’m sure it would take some work but I hope that it is possible, just one of those small details that would make the game feel more polished.


Just gonna say it to put it put there.
A Goliath skin that let’s him breathe BLUE flame.
Something like this

Think it would really pay off ^^


It would be amazing if the ability effects matched the skin glow… Say if Behemoth’s Jade skin had green glow, his fire and flame trails would be in fact green.


I think it’d look cool, but at the same time having a brightly coloured evolution bubble would probably be a bad idea. You would just be asking for an Orbital Barrage.


I meant more of the actual bubbles that come up and the flakes that are shed during the animation, not the slime and the big bubble cocoon. Plus if they did change it all, it doesn’t have to be bright, just change the hue at least to match the skin.


Ok then that’s a good idea. I think matching the glow and some abilities as well are good ideas too. I would wear the gold skin all the time if I could throw solid gold boulders at people.


Giant gold nuggets? XD


Yeah, or like a green/purple voodoo fire breath.


Voodoo is one I think would stay red, the voodoo kraken skin leaked had red eyes. Would be cool to see a Kraken with red glow too.



Blue fire as Goliath. Red lighting as Kraken. Green vapor trails as Wraith. ;W;


:heart_eyes: Those Ideas…


I thought Savage Kraken skin (I don’t have it) His stomach and rib cage areas glowed red?