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I’ve compiled a small list of some of the questions I have seen frequently asked here and via Facebook posts. To the best of my knowledge these are the correct answers, however, if I am are wrong I encourage other community members and/or TRS staff to please correct any of my discrepancies.

1. What is the release date for Evolve?

At this time there is no release date. Fall of 2014 has been officially announced however, delays may arise.

2. Will there be cross platform services ie… can an Xbox player play with users on PC or PlayStation?

Right now, no announcement has been made to verify or deny cross platform claims. It should be expected however, that cross platform game play will not be in the final release of the game.

3. Will there be a story mode or offline play?

Turtle Rock Studios has announced that you can play against the AI so it is likely you will be able to play offline against the computer. However, you should note that the game is designed to be played online and most development leans towards this. There is no official word about a single player campaign.

4. Can I play Split Screen with a friend using the same console?

Unfortunately, the game cannot be played in split screen mode.

5. Can you play as any monster on any map?

From what I understand, the monsters are not limited to any specific map and playing as one is possible at any location.

6. Will there be a Collector’s Edition and if so, what sort of items will it come with?

Most games do have a Collector’s Edition but Turtle Rock Studios has not yet confirmed this for Evolve. Though I expect it is likely, right now it is too early to tell.

7. Will there be more Hunters and/or Monsters in the game?

Absolutely. Right now only four Hunters and one Monster has been named, however Turtle Rock Studios has already developed several other Hunters and will announce them in time.

8. Can I create my own character?

Character creation is not possible in Evolve. Instead, the game uses preset characters in preset classes each with preset weaponry, skills, abilities, and attitude. This gives each of the characters a unique experience of their own while ensuring game play is balanced and fair.

9. Can I customize a character?

Turtle Rock Studios has not officially stated that customization is possible, however given the pre-order package comes with a Goliath “skin”, I am anticipating that it is extremely likely that players will be able to customize already existing characters.

10. What are the computer requirements for the game?

At this time it is too early to tell. As the game is further developed and refined, the requirements will fluctuate. Only then can a final requirement and recommendation be determined.

11. Will there be a variety of game modes?

There will be multiple game modes available, each with their own unique objective or handicap.

12. Will Evolve have an open BETA before release?

Turtle Rock Studios has made no official announcement on whether or not they intend to have a BETA before launch.

13. Will Evolve come to PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, Evolve is designed for latest generation technology and will not be launched for PS3 or Xbox 360.

14. Will there be other locations and wildlife?

Of course there will be. Shear is but one planet and each planet has it’s own unique wildlife. Keep an eye on https://plus.google.com/+evolvegame/posts for new images and concept art.

15. What happens if a user disconnects during the battle?

Hunters and Monsters can be controlled by the AI if the human controller disappears for any reason.

PC Specific Features...Like From 1999?

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The Game Details thread is a more in-depth knowledge base of sorts. It’s a compilation of everything known so far, whereas this is just a quick Q&A session.

If anyone finds anything that is incorrect please do let me know.


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Does the game have a tutorial?


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