Everything VGHS. Possible spoilers


I’m gonna post some gifs but feel free to discuss your opinions of the series.

When trapper just stands still after dropping in.

When I get selected as monster.

Asking devs about TU 9 info


What is this and why is Chuck there?


Its all from a series called VGHS or Video Game High School.


Oh. I seen that on Netflix. Kind of passed over it due to the name.


Minor spoilers

Its definetly not for everyone, but me and the wife enjoyed the shit out of it. Kid gets a lucky kill, unknowingly against the top ranked player at the best school, that was pub-stomping for a televised interview. So he got a golden ticket to attend said school. That’s all first episode stuff tho.

Let's start this one off with a tease, shall we? - The Shared Dome

Oh huh. Just going off the name it sounded like it was a kids show. I guess not judging by the gifs though lol. I might give it a shot when I got some spare time.


Sounds good. I hope you enjoy it!


I’m trying to forget all about this show so I may rewatch it again. BUT NO! You HAD to watch it sm D h

Spoiler Below!!!

I cried just a bit when “Freddie Wong” died


Made me think twice about riding my hog with just sunglasses on. The part that really got me was when they found ted in the Laundromat.