Everything that is wrong with wraith


1: being able to escape a dome that is thrown right next to her

2: harpoons dont hinder her warp/warpblast (this especially is just super dumb)

3: as a hunter you can do absolutly nothing about the decoy other than to avoid it and it hits like a truck

4: macman said wraith doesnt like mines…then i see this monster which has 3 abilitys to clear the danm things…like what ?

5: you litterally cant avoid warpblast on reaction you need to predict it which is bad

6: some other points which i didnt even notice yet because the first 5 issues are ruining my day against wraith everytime

wraith needs some changes to make her fun fighting against…in my opinion


It’s also super false.

But I do it all the time! Save your fuel D:

There might need to be tweaks, but she’s meant to be elusive and sneaky and slippery. You’re not meant to catch her easily-- which is what people think makes her boring to fight against. It sucks, but whatever-- I try to engage at stage 2 at the very least once to make things interesting.


Harpoons will slice her warp distance in half, she cannot escape a dome “right next to her”, Deocy is easily avoided, Wraith has one decent ability to clear mines (decoy- Warp Blast will make her take damage, Supernova isn’t an option here and Abduction can clear, what, one mine, before having to recharge?) Warpblast is pathetic, with a long warning period and small radius of effect- one jetpack dodge will clear it. What other points, may I ask?

Thank you for actually saying in my opinion."If only more people did that.

  1. More details into that ? Stated like that is simply impossible.
  2. Wrong
  3. Shoot at it, dash away, shield, self shield, slow, harpoon, heal… all these ring any bells ? Tell me what you do against that huge rock with a aoe knock back flying at your face ? Or that vortex with damage and knock back sending you to the other end of the map ? Lighting strike which is pretty much an auto-hit in skilled hands (aoe also) ? Pointless, meaningless, unargumented complain.
  4. How does she clears mines exactly ? Do tell us please.
    Then I want you to do the same for Goliath and Kraken. Rock throw / flame breath / rank 2,3 leap smash, all this do it alot better and safer. ALL Of Kraken’s skills and even his attack from to air clear mines and all that shit from far far away. All in all… very pointless complaint.
  5. Warpblast certainly can be avoided. It’s generally a good skill, but the aoe is so small, if it’s not done from point blank range you can see it coming. Just need to play more, it’s only been few days.
  6. It’s actually more fun hunting something you can’t see or hear and snap it into a trap. Know the maps, know the chokes, think like a monster, that’s how I most of the time I pop arena in it’s face, that is if the rest of the team is not brain dead atleast, using cloak offencively, cutting paths, tagging the monster etc.


wraith games are boring to the hunters because even if you catch it 2-3 times in a dome its still very very hard to dish out serious damage in that time the dome stays up because it decoys and warps away from the damage dealers. even with the monster tracked by bucket/cabot its nearly impossible for the assault to get into serious dmg range. griffins harpoon cant hold him long enough to to let the assault do its job other ccs arent helping too much either. a good wraith only looses 1-2 shield bars in the early domes before it comes back fully loaded to the lvl 3 reactor fight.
so since there is no benefit in hunting it, players that are aware that theres a good wraith will just camp the reactor (BOOOOOOOOOOOORING) and wait till the wraith wants to commit or has to attack before its time runs out and hope that theres no good albino spawn the monster could eat before it tries to fuck everyone up.

try getting decent with the wraith and youll see all games end in lvl 3 reactor fights and you wont get any dmg in the early domes if you dont want to.


1: she can store 3 warps + warpblast for an escape thats the distance needed, i have done and it was done against me. If the wraith knows what its doing its nearly impossible to dome her.
( funny thing: with griffin i cant even switch to my harpoongun fast enough to hinder her escaping the dome after throwing it)

2: the problem with that is yeah: it does work when you are standing right behind her… you can easily hinder goliath but the positioning/aiming you need with wraith is too godlike and you really get little out of it it does not even prevent an abduct

3: you cant always avoid it dont tell me that you do, rock throw has easy tells, decoy warps in your face and does the upswing which has a hit detection that is pretty large, you either dodge back or fly over it burning your fuel making you an easy target, decoy is still an all prupose ability which has only slight draw backs ( not beeing able to move quickly in stealth ) against guys that know what they are doing

4: wraith clears mines with 1. decoy 2. her normal warp if you warp through them you dont take damage and 3. abduct these are more than enough especially for a smart wraith

5:trust me i played alot im on 45 hours release version right now…im normally fairly efficient with jetpack usage i would even consider me good at it and this warpblast the aoe seems big it hits when it shouldnt thats my problem

6: i know the maps, the chokes, how to cut, how to succesfully throw an arena, still once the monster is inside it is way too easy just to avoid the hunters hide in a corner bait out their jetpack fuel and just go to the other side of the arena throw some decoys in and repeat tilll the dome is down and if you go tryhard mode doming you is impossible (see point 1) or you can just keep your distance from the trapper which is fairly easy to spot with your smell . as wraith you fight when you want to and that is bad


Let me get this straight. You want the sneaky, stealthy and elusive monster to stop being sneaky, stealthy and elusive. Do you also want Kraken to stop having range while we’re at it? Are you going to ask for Behemoth to be squishier when he comes out?

As for warp blast, it has a lot more tell than vortex/flame breath/charge. Do you want these abilities nerfed too? And I’ll repeat, warp blast is dodgable with a jetpack dash. As soon as you hear the sound of her warping ( it’s very recognisable ), get the HELL out of the way. If she’s already next to you when she uses it? You deserve to get hit by it.


when did i say it should stop beeing sneaky,stealthy the elusive part of her is just too much
i dont even get how you can defend a monster so obviously broken, i really dont get it, did you never fight a good wraith before? do you even play hunter ? try a game with traversal stamina + recharge on the wraith and count the domes you are able to evade

the problem with this monster is that any scrub which gets completly owned with goliath and kraken can just switch to wraith and extend the game up to 20-30 mins no problem, in a game vs wraith you are not hunting you are waiting for the monster player to think the time is right now i can kill them

it gets even worse if you got a bad hunter combination ever tried parnell against a wraith ? yeah good luck with that

also every wraith that gets owned just leaves the game not to ruin their perfect score


Leave your sass out the door when you post on these forums.

Of course I play hunter, and of course I played against good Wraiths. I’m not questioning you about what you do or your skill level in the game, so don’t start this shit with me.

I’m saying this because of the list of points you’ve made, not because you’ve directly said it, for the matter.

The monster is not broken. It needs tweaking, yes, but don’t say it’s broken. The Beta Wraith was broken on the other hand, that I’ll agree.

Odd, I find that noob Goliaths/Kraken that pick Wraith tend not to know how to fight whatsoever since they obviously haven’t mastered combat if they suck with the aforementioned monsters.

That’s one part I’ll agree with. These players are the scum of the earth.


For some hunters… (from the monster main perspective).

If you want the wraith to lose most of her mobility and fight within dome after dome… she isn’t tanky enough for that…

If you have a problem keeping a hold of her there are several hunters that can SPAM tracking darts, stasis grenades, dust etc etc…

I understand you are having a problem with the wraith, but its more of how you approach it, what hunters are you using.

Also to be brutally honest, its Abe and Cabot I hate most as wraith, Stasis til no tomorrow and dust and tracking dart. Doesn’t matter which monster I play… the infinite “MONSTER IS HERE” keeps the monster running unable to really feed or evolve much at all.


In my mind the only thing that needs to change is an increase to the cooldown time of Decoy. I don’t mind that the decoy does damage, but it can be damn near impossible to keep tabs on a Wraith who is whoring that ability out.


well maybe that sentence was uncalled for…i apologize for that, as for behemoth maybe i will ? i dont know what the devs are doing with him if he can survive 20 orbitals without a scratch i will voice my opinion on that matter: yes

if you play wraith you dont need to master the combat it is so easy to avoid the hunters even within the dome

a monster is not broken to you if it can just skip the hunting phase and basiclly only allows you to fights when it wants to ? i duno in a game about “finding the monster before it gets to strong for you” that seems pretty broken to me


Just had a game where we almost beat a Full HP Stage 3 Wraith (but he shut his xbox off…)
Griffons harpoon was BEAUTIFUL. The monster literally just snuck the whole game to reach Stage 3 (really think the Wraith can hit 3 too easy), and then kept trying to abduct us at the generator. We harpooned and domed him on one of the abducts and he just got wrecked. No one got downed the whole time and when the dome ran out he ran away and then disconnected. So Salty. Granted we did have Caira and Hank but I don’t recall us double downing on anyone. Worst Wraith I’ve seen so far.
But yeah I’m worried Harpoons are a must.


You can be pretty damn close though and she still gets away.
I know the few times I’ve heard that click and just bolted and just barely made it lol.
It’s defintely really close. Best chance of doming the wraith is to team cloak her ass or to wait for her to come attack you and dome her when she tries to run.

Gotta know when to play the dome. If the monster wants to fight you don’t want to dome them, as I’m sure you know.


The thing is a lot of people complain its OP when really it just seems easy to play. I dunno if that makes it OP. I personally always win at Stage 2 Golaith.


thats the point its super easy she has few drawbacks thats what makes it so easy


Her problem is that she is too sneaky, stealthy and elusive…imo. Notch it down a bit.


This. This so much. GIve that thing a taste of its own tentacles medicine. Combined with the CC, she’s staying in there.


I disagree. I even have proof of that. Wraith emerges form invis 8 meters away from me,I have the dome ready. Wraith gets nailed by 3 harpoon traps-I throw the dome-harpoon cables snap, Wraith does 3 traversals-she’s out of the dome. The dome that I threw when the Wraith was being cc’d right next to me. Macman even announced that they will probably remove dome set-up sound and trapper VO for it to fix this.

ED: just checked the footage and it turns out I got screwed over by an FPS drop. I threw the dome after the harpoons broke and Wraith got to use one traversal. I thought I thrown it before the harpoon traps even reacted,but turns out…no. Still,she WAS pretty close to me when I threw the dome :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not much concerned with this, I find Wraith easiest to fight against, but just saying that yes-she does have the power to escape a dome being set up right next to her.



Noooooo! Now I’m going to suck as a Monster. I relied so heavily on that cue…