Everything that could of went wrong, went wrong. (Rant)

First ranked match of the day with some buddies, all hyped up and ready to squash some monsters. We load into refueling tower, getting paired up against an aftershock kraken (the normal) and automatically 3 of us crash in the load screen, booting us to the dashboard. So of course we attempt to load back in, but the monster gets a free evolve to stage 2 with full armor and damage bonus (screw buffs in ranked).

Upon loading back into the game, we realize all of our roles have been switched. Our assault is stuck with medic, and medic on assault. Still recoverable, I thought. Well, I was wrong. Upon our first engagement with the kraken, a teammate and myself find that the kraken is indeed invisible. I believe the skin had trouble loading.

So here we were, fighting an invisible fully armored full health aftershock kraken with damage bonus, with our roles all screwed up. Anyways, it was over pretty quickly seeing as I the medic couldnt dodge any attacks because I couldn’t see the damn thing.

Here my rant concludes. That was pretty frustrating. Have a nice day :smile:


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There is a vent thread, use it.

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