Everything Kala (Bugs, Polls, Theories, Dialouge, ETC.)


Thought I might makes this because I am kinda getting tired of my “New” page being filled of tons of Kala. Now I know the mods are keeping everything under control but maybe they can move it here.


Hmmm. I don’t know. Id expect this to be closed. I mean everything thing with Kala you have listed is pretty broad. It’s up to the mods I guess.


Okay, I changed, I forget a lot of things so I might have forgot to put the “ETC.” part :stuck_out_tongue:


Umm no. That’s not really what I meant. Like reporting bugs and posting theories in the same thread? No one is gonna see them buried with a bunch of random stuff.


Okay that might be a good point, so you think I should take out the “Bugs” part?


I don’t think you understand. All of these things you have listed have their own catagories. If I’m looking for lore on Kala, I’m not scrolling through 500 comments about balance, bugs, etc.


This shoudn’t be a thread in general. There’s already a dialogue thread, each bug needs it’s own thread, theories typically are discussion threads, nothing should be shoveled together.

So, I’m pretty sure this is to be closed.
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Okay, sorry

I just get frustrated when I come back 2 hours later and 100 posts are all about Kala


I got your back, looking to clean up the Kala topic’s right now. :slightly_smiling:


There are different topics for those subjects, so feel free to post in them :smile:

And yeah, there’s a lot of activity today :sweat_smile: