Everything is OP please nerf


This is a serious problem guys, I can’t grind up my elite status if I can’t get a clear shot on anything, make the walls transparent please. Can you guys also nerf hunters? I keep getting caught when I’m not sneaking. Also monsters, I keep being beaten up when I’m laz, please nerf them quickly!

Thanks for reading, and if you don’t nerf these things I will never play again.


10/10 char.


I was trying to think about how I was gonna respond to this thread. Only thing that came to mind is how much my head hurts.

Edit: Actually I take that back. Before my head started hurting the first thing that came to mind was “Why?”.


is that a brandon troll account or just someone who grabbed that name from his stream xD


Who is this “Brandon” dood, I am my own, I am myself.

(seriously though, who is Brandon?)


I’ll just leave this here.


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