Everything is OP (Joke Thread)


Everything in this game is overpowered I played the game and lost please nerf everything. Whenever I’m a hunter, the monsters are overpowered and whenever I’m a monster the hunters are overpowered how is this fair? And if one more person tells me to strategize in a team based game please don’t post. I shouldn’t have to learn what works and what doesn’t in a competitive multiplayer game. Maybe the monster can be trapped in a box? Hunters can toss peanuts at it?



Do hoho.

I am amused.


For 99% of the people here its only over powered when youre the one not using it.


Is this type of thing allowed? Salty sarcasm posts just for the sake of saltyness? I uh…don’t know.

Down…with this sort of thing? Or…up?


so if everything is overpowered, doesn’t it balance everything out? Overpowered vs Overpowered = ok and not overpowered


I vote down




Personally… Unconstructive posts dont fit on this forum. But I think I’ll let those two bang the gavel.


How dare you make jokes within a community OP.

Don’t you understand that this world is far too serious for jokes?

Please disregard my username I am totally NOT OP.


yea, I don’t see how this can Help the community or game…


That’s what she said.


quote it so its better :stuck_out_tongue:

jk, very off topic now, though their really wasn’t one to start with



get rid of the S in She

then I would like the post


Jokes are fine, but it kinda has to be the right situation… A thread such as this is just kind of taking up pointless space. Ya dig?


hit the gavel ms. Wraith


I guess…

I see the amusement in a little tongue 'n cheek satire that reflects the reality of what we commonly see on these forums. I mean, I dont know about you- But I got a chuckle out of the thread. Theres something to be said about being able to laugh at ourselves. As an individual, and as a community.


The word peanut makes me smile.



Tell you what, my opinion, unless anyone else has objections, is to put “Clickbait” in the thread and move it to offtopic. Just so we dont drag actual flamers in, sound good? :stuck_out_tongue:
edit: or “joke thread” instead of clickbait


I would like to assume people are intelligent enough to recognize satire, especially when there is a “/sarcasm” in the op.