Everything got super green all of a sudden!


I had a friend over and was talking to her while stomping some bots, went through four games with no trouble and on the fifth game everything was green. Like, EMERALD.

The HUD and all of the menu icons were unaffected, but every single in-game texture (including the character select screen) had a heavy green tint. My Clownfish skin looked pretty freaky.

Does anyone know what happened? I quit after entering the game to see if the match was affected (it was) so I don’t know if it persisted, but has anyone seen anything like this?


Isn’t that when you get shot by an hunter with poison bullets?


Poison hound glitch maybe?


It happened after I completed the fourth game, in which everything was fine, and when the character select booted up for the fifth match all of the characters were green. Gameplay videos for the abilities, text, and everything else were unaffected. When I entered the game, it basically did seem like a venom hound had gotten me, but at the very second the match started. I got some images, so I’ll see if I can put those up in a minute.


I’ve gotten this too a couple times. Passed it off as Cabot’s Dust till I realized that there was no Cabot and Dust doesn’t do that. ಠ_ಠ


I’ve not seen it before, though I would like to. O.o


Here you go, Shin. Sorry for poor quality.

@MajorLeeHyper , any idea what’s going on?


Is this on PC or Console? My first thought is something is up with your video output cable (HDMI cable, VGA/DVI cable, etc.) but it is definitely possible this is something else. Did the problem persist into the next match after this occurred?


This is on PS4. I don’t think it was the video cable since it was only in-game textures (skybox, monster, hunters, etc.) that were affected. The second picture shows that the ability videos were unaffected, and so were all of the menus and the in-game HUD.

I can’t say if it persisted because I quit out after taking the pictures, but upon quitting everything was normal again.


Okay, thanks for the info. We’ll look into it and see if we can reproduce it here. If you have any additional info on what you did leading up to this, or if you see it again, please let me know. Thanks!


No problem. All I did during that session was I browsed the in-game store for a bit, then played four Quick Play games as monster. On the fifth game, it was all green - I didn’t mess with any settings, connect to online servers or anything.

I’ll take more pictures and see if it persists if it happens again.


Same thing occured to me onX1 got screenshots as well.


Are you able to post them?


Think so ya