Everyone's a critic. Here's to having fun!


Everyone has their own complaints, problems, and criticisms, some are valid, some are based on misunderstanding. Some are thoughtless, others are really well put together.

I for one am having an absolute blast playing, just as I expected I would. I am looking forward to playing this game as the community grows into a better understanding of the game, and the best ways to play.

So, if things seem a bit negative now, don’t worry about it. The vocal minority doesn’t reflect how much fun the rest of us are having just playing the game. We love Evolve!!


agreed man all last night i was thinking to myself i just want to play evolve and i dont care about the arguments or whats right and wrong cause i just wanna play evolve thats all i should care about.


Exactly. Had a big discussion last night with a buddy who was worrying about balance issues and future balance issues and I eventually just said “I don’t care.” I’m enjoying the game completely even after playing practically non stop in alpha/beta/release and I am not bored. I am authentically having fun even against good wraiths and even when I lose.

I have faith that any issues that come up will be stomped out by TRS. At the moment they haven’t given me any reason not to trust them.


Fun is OP. ;p

But yes! Having a blast! My only real negatives with this game have been a) a run of bad matches with very inexperienced hunter teams on day 1 (Because, well… it was day 1. ;p), and b) one game with a suuuuper obnoxious guy who clearly believed he was MLG material and was shouting obscenities at everyone else in the game. (And I do mean shouting. Because mister super-hunter was using the mic on his kinect. Nothing like playing with a constant echo in my ear…)

And neither of those things, of course, are the fault of the game. Hell, I even just got done with a five-game losing streak against a very well coordinated group of hunters who would not lose track of me, ever, at all. Even when I ran Wraith, they were tricky to shake. And it was exhilarating! … frustrating, but exhilarating!

Loving Evolve!


What a non
buff/nerf thread? We cant have that! Nerf Female AI! She knows everything.


Yeah I am having a ton of fun!! I don’t care what people say this game is a blast!!


IMO, this is one of the better and WAY more original games to come out in a while. I’m having loads of fun learning both how to hunt and be hunted, lol.

If confuses me how Destiny didn’t meet with such harsh critique after falling miles short of the hype bar set for it. I guess when something new comes out (with a slight learning curve, oh noes) we should dismiss it as bad.