Everyone with [TH] tag in the game are hackers?


everytime i played with someone with [TH] tag they just hover in the air like a satelite as hunter / decoy right after the decoy is gone as a wraith like no cooldown
or is it just my bad luck?


there are always bads who need to cheat to win, then


no i mean that when they are hunters


I fought some guys with that tag. They did seems to be in the air a lot, and their class abilities popped up a bit, but I can’t be sure…

I slaughtered them in three minutes.


this is the point. anyone who needs to hack is limited by how bad they are


This. And it isn’t like their glorious hacks could protect them from Stage 1 spawn camping. Silly little nooblets. They tried to steal the flower’s nectar but got brutally murdered by her thorns. :wink:


Whenever you run into issues with possible hacking, try to capture the footage if you can, and report back to 2K possible hacking.