Everyone who loves Evolve. Gamers should unite positively. Start trending DONE


Everyone who owns it has the internet. Please make an account on amazon and metacritic and give evolve a 10 to balance out the haters. If you value your purchase please do this and it will take less than five minutes. Ive already reviewed it on amazon and metacritic for ps4 and the other systems. You should too! Keep this bumped and join the fight and say done! When you’ve done it



Or just ignore game reviews like most competent consumers, and base the game on actual gameplay Youtube/Twitch.


Unfortunately I can’t play the game because of a bug with MM on xbox so I do not fully have my mind set on how the game is

They released a game with far more bugs than any other game I’ve ever seen do you honestly think it should get 5 starts in its current state?


Ps4 here and no bugs. Though every multiplayer game has its share. I do believe in giving it a high score


Most consumers aren’t as logical as you though


Although I think the “extras” are overpriced the base game is well worth the money


Amazon review done.


This past year alone there have been a hundred worse game releases than EVOLVE’s relatively (in comparison) stress-free launch.

I’m not sure where everybody’s “MORE BUGS IN ONE GAME THAN IN THE HISTORY OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT” problems are coming from, but I’ve played maybe 30 hours between the X1 and PS4, and it’s all been pretty smooth – Shadow of Mordor had more issues even without the MP element.

“More bugs than [you’ve] ever seen,” I’m sure.


Three words.
Assassin’s Creed Unity.


But I was able to play the campaign (main thing to do) in evolve I can’t play multiplayer at all (its main feature) therefore evolve is off worse than acu