Everyone play wraith


People are complaining about wraith getting three points in decoy so play wraith and do that. Screw the h8ers. Go wraith or go home


Where’s the dislike button?


I thought you quit playing rex


I’ve been going for the ultimate a-hole loadout today 3 in decoy then 3 in supernova. It’s pretty hilarious in a sadistic sort of way


Can’t wait till the wraith gets patch


Please stop trying to bait the forum into disagreements. Your recent posts are serving only to stir up the forum and are not really contributing to discussion, like about Wraith, for instance. Your suggestion in the thread is almost too close to unsportsmanlike-like behavior. If you enjoy the Wraith, that’s great…but don’t make it seem like you enjoy the Wraith because your sole purpose is to make people rage and hate this game.