Everyone is worried about hunters/monsters


Haven’t seen any talk about that increased damage to wildlife since the patch went live…maybe that’s their way of balancing out having more herds, by allowing the hunters to kill them easier–cause we all know, that one pack of revers that just grind your gears.


Imo wildlife should be a problem. I remember in the first evolve gameplay trailer they said that wildlife acts as a third team, and I want it to stay like that.


Oh, I just realized you were saying that they made the wildlife less strong at some point, I thought you meant more. When did this happen? I didnt see it in any patch notes.


Not really saying they made them less strong, just more squishy.
The patch notes said something like “increased wildlife limb damage from 50% to 100%” I took that as less bullets=faster killing of the hostiles.


Not necessarily. See hitting the body of a creature or the monster does normal damage- 100%. Hitting a head does twice that- 200%.

Hitting a limb halves body damage. 50%. So they just changed it so that the limbs count as the body now.


It’ll definitely effect certain wildlife more, like sloths and nomads with their big limbs. But I think it’s more to benefit new players. I’ve seen low level players get two strikes from a nomad. :stuck_out_tongue:


That happened to me during my determining rank matchup.

Stuff like that is the reason why I’m stuck in bronze destroyer. ;-;


I feel your pain. hugs. (>••)>



thank you


Damn, your ghost is cuter. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve seen some baaaad pubs though. I’m always excited to see new players. But I’ve had 2 Hunters go down to wildlife before the Lazarus revives them normally. I think my face turned purple, from laughter and disbelief.


I wish I recorded a match where the ENTIRE TEAM DIES to 2 armadons.
support actually got 2 strikes since he cloaked as he went down and after I picked him upo he started shooting them on the ground and got downed again.

thankfully this was before ranked otherwise I would have just left.


Reavers have been particularly nasty the last week or two and I am not sure why.


The spawn rate of them was increased. (I think.)


They re spawn and always spawn in their set spawns so the monster can run you by that group of 12 asshole reaver and a mammoth bird every time he wants


I feel like they are becoming the new mammoth birds lol


Yeah but your forgetting something if a monster gets hit by wildlife generally speaking they have armour backing their ass up,now rolls reversed hunters can virtually die from a few hits,how’s that fair…?

I personally hate that wildlife does so much damage to hunters it’s actually a piss take especially the monkeys grrr!


And somehow in some cases the Monster does less damage than a Reaver or Mammoth Bird…


Lol yeah! It defiantly seems there’s more wildlife around now aswell


Nobody gives the Blitz Leopards enough credit either. I’ve actually been downed by a pack, because if one tackles you, the rest can attack you while you grapple with it.


I’ve got footage of Mammoth Birds literally running towards me while I didn’t even do anything and then ZAP me because “I got too close” as the loading screens put it.

Then there’s the Armadons who will bounce you across the map like the dicks that they are, again without a good reason to. They’re the reason I started playing Lennox actually. So I can Thunderstrike onto their backs and then play a Shadow of the Colossus theme.