Everyone is Amazing


I have to make this thread to say that this game and this community are awesome. First of all this is my favorite game ever because it is just awesome in every way. As well as making a great game the devs also interact with the player. When someone makes a complaint instead being like most devs and saying “he is just one guy” they respond and take into account what you have to say this makes for a very active community. When I see @MacMan, @Matthew, @DamJess or any other dev responded to someone suggestion shows that these devs care about this game.
Another point I would like to make is the amazing people on the community. I have met some awesome community members (on the DGL team speak) who I consider great people. Some people I would like to mention some people like @MaddCow, @Essen, @MultiDavid, @Yazkin, @MAC_17 and many other that I don’t know their names on the forums I hope I can play with them all when the full game comes out. Thank you for reading this thread and have a great day

BTW: I am Squeaker on the Team Speak


Yeah I came on these forums and love reading and feel safe asking questions. everyone is pretty nice to each other. Big reason why i got the deluxe edition for my xbox one pre ordered and downloaded.


Thanks for the kudos. I was glad I got to play with a bunch of people from the community. I wish I had more time during the beta, but the DGL tournament and practice took up a heap of time. It was until Monday that I really got to ‘play and test’ the game. :slight_smile:


Yea i agree. It’s always a massive thing to me when i see devs active in the forums. Last gaming community i was part of was Destiny, thst place was just vile. I hope thst when the game launches that the forums remain a nice place to talk


Hey, at least I got a game in with ya. It was fun!


Ill get my PC fixed by launch, i will play with you :wink:


Bleh i wanted to visit the teamspeak but i didnt think about it one bit while ingame


Youd like it hahaha.


Well, I can assure you that @Denny , @Cr0cDoc , @Adam_Divis and @Morfistro_Morfistro are all amazing to play with.

How do I know? Spent god-damn sixteen hours in the same TS room with them.


I had to endure 5 people for around 3 or 4, hahahaha.


You forgot that @Adam_Divis was the best part of our team bro. :blush:


Hey John, hope you had fun during beta. Unfortunately I felt victim to unexpected weekend plans and I didn’t manage to play with the rest of the community :cry:

I’ll redeem myself once the full game comes out!


The beta was a great time, cant wait till the full game comes out


I just thought I maybe shouldn’t tag him.

Dunno why either. Maybe it’s just him not being active?

Anyways, edited.