Everyone I chat with ingame loves the characters, curious about story


The one thing I am consistently hearing in pubs is how much people are drawn to the characters, and the backstory implied from conversations. The lore/universe of Evolve is super fun; even new players who never saw the Campaign intro movie or heard the many map-conversations are loving it from the dropship alone.

I don’t know what kind of a lifespan Stage 2 has right now. TRS is pumping out updates crazy fast, but these things take time, and they won’t have a built-up reserve of content forever. I think TRS is on the right track now, I just hope they can keep it going long enough to show off all the lore that was sidelined in the old game due to esport.


Evolve has lore?





Where have you been when they are talking in the dropship?


Alt tabbing until we drop


Your missing out friend. Don’t you want to hear about that time Griffin took down a Living Glacier, or a brief explanation on how the Revivifier works, or Emet, well, just being Emet?