Everyone buy me some time while I revive our dead and half eaten friend


I just adore Laz when playing Evolve but the thing is the fact you can bring people back who have been “eaten”. What I mean is a monster kills a hunter and begins to eat but gets interrupted with one half of the hunters body gone…HOW! Now just let me revive whats left of our friend here so he can keep fighting.

Obviously I’ll get some “game magic” people and “well he is alive so what” people but I truly want to get some hard facts on how reviving a person with their guts out possible?


Don’t ask how it works, it’s the future!


Laz glove have also some glue on it?

Anyway dunno if there’s even a logical explanation on this :slight_smile:


Well being half eaten is an exception! You can’t bring anyone back if their entire body has been consumed!

It makes sense because Laz can bring back a dead hunter, regardless half eaten or not. So technically, if a Monster fully eats a hunter, there would be nothing left to revive!


@SlinkyGuy often times i can see a really bloody corpse after eaten. As well I kinda weird when the person I revived gave the monster a bar of armor

The Lazarus. Seriously

Well you wouldn’t expect a savage beast to make a clean kill, would you? :smile:


The corpse only turns into ‘gibs’ when the monster finishers eating it. In fact, I am curious if sneaking becomes super popular in the meta whether or not people will only eat 1-2 bars of meat from a 2/3 meat respectively so that it doesn’t leave a ‘gib corpse’ and the Hunters can’t tell if it was killed by a monster or not. Even better if it’s done near a hostile wildlife.


still i’m kind curios on how I can revive my gutless Hyde (which I find all most to weird)


Well I suppose players can take the Elite pounce damage perk in the full game and roll with it, I guess!

Although I’ve never had to use it though, I never usually sneak attacked anybody unless a hunter was alone.


I like to start a fight with it on an Assault to let him burn his shield and bring his friends closer. I also try to pounce assault a lot as support/medic/trapper may not have damage weapons out. Takes the assault out for a few moments and forces them to swap weapons.


Ah very tactical!

Me, it’s just: I sees Hunter, I eats Hunter.


Om nom nom nom nom :smiley:


From what I understood, the only thing that you really need to revive someone with the Lazarus Device is a relatively undamaged brain that wasn’t out for too long, and enough mass to reconstruct the body. Nanotech is fun.



And! I just realised even Lazarus’ device can revive even metal, considering Bucket!


Eyup, one of his lines even is:

“I can even restore the robot!”

Also their dropship talk is priceless.


I want to know if Bucket’s corpse gibs when eaten. That would be a little mind fuck


Well, i don’t think its because lazarus cant revive the body, i just don’t think he would want to revive the body inside the monster you know…? unless… that’s amusing to him.

Suddenly getting ideas of fighting a monster from the inside, but that isnt possible in this game :cry:


Well lets say the monster has eaten half my body maybe my legs. Can I be revived and healthy?


The monster would chew that Hunter anyways…


Lets just say the Lazarus device is capable of miracles of restoration, but it can only store so much energy at a time. Some injuries are small, others require too much revivification.