Everybody disconnected/ kicked out = Lose?


I just had a match where all people were kicked out of the game and everybody got a lose for that. Can you explain to me why we deserve the lose for that ?


Server died I guess. It happened to me multiple times, that’s why I don’t play ranked anymore.


Because the game can’t differentiate between a actually disconnect, and someone leaving. There are too many factors that can be played into it.


It has nothing to do with the server. The monster player is normally the host and if for some reason a disconnection occurs, then everyone gets kicked.

And when I mean everyone, it means both monster and all hunters.


all games are server sided m8 = no


No, they’re not. You can choose a server in customs, but in regular MM it’s peer to peer.


Server sided is also a term to describe feedback from servers. It is not a term used to describe if a server is dedicated or peer to peer.



Well so was I right 10years ago there or not kek.Confused 101%


That would explain why I had a match where the monster had 200+ ping and the hunters had 300+


They do, but only for customs. That’s it.


Currently only 2% of the population is playing ranked, which is not a lot. This probably results in you playing against people from further away regions (check players options and see their steam profile for what region they might be) which results in higher ping in-game (and more often disconnects).


No it isn’t. We use dedicated servers.


Then how does everyone get desynced when the Monster leaves?


It was in hunt not ranked, but I thought it’s like a new bug with TRS’s servers.
Edit: it still doesn’t make the whole you get a lose for that situation better


Nah, had it happen before. Really depends who you face against/get teamed up with. If it happens a lot more frequently, it can also be due to your own connection.


How do you know that everyone got lose? I m asking serious there. I know you can check for yourself but did u ask each person .


There’s a transition to have a bot take over the monster, but there shouldn’t be a desync everytime that happens. Not sure he’ll see this, but tagging @Wes to explain what may be happening.

If everyone gets disconnected, then that’s a server crash.


So, from what you’re saying. The bot has to take over, causing a lot of information to flood the server, replacing the player with the bot. The bot then has to be fed information to understand what it is, where it is, and what it’s going up against.

Could the large influx of information be causing the sever to crash?


In that case would not teleporting bot in to fixed point fix it? It does not have to calculate from random position in that case. Anyway now instead of replacing player you are supposed to auto-win after monster leave.


I don’t think that would be fair since the monster - most of the time - has nothing to do with the desyncs.