Every hunter character to be viable against every monster


In the future, more monsters and hunters are going to be added, abilities buffed/nerfed or even revamped. Despite all these, I would hopefully like to see every hunter being a viable pick against every monster (and vice versa). In other words, choosing individual characters should be more of a taste thing while choosing the team composition should be where the complexity is at. This is especially so since you can only see what you’re playing against once all decisions have been made.

Just sharing my thoughts.


This is already the case and pretty much always will be due to blind picks. Every character gives up something to gain something. The only argument can be made is abe vs. griffin because they both aren’t the best at finding the monster but abe is fantastic at sticking to it and has the far superior cc.


Are you sure that is really true? What characters would you absolutely not want to choose against the Kraken, or the Wraith? Against Goliath I can pretty much give it to you, but I don’t believe it if you tell me they are perfect as they are now.


Some are definitely better than others against some monsters, some are at a disadvantage, but it’s always manageable.

Many shortcomings can be mitigated by a good team (Try not to dome a Kraken in a big open area if you’ve got a Hyde :slight_smile: )


it is all rather balanced.


To me it is less of what hunter against a certain monster and more what hunter for the other hunters being picked. But even then that happens very little for me. If you are comfortable with the character then it will work out the best.