Every game!


Every game I’ve tried playing the last couple of days has been the wraith! It’s getting absolutely ridiculous! It’s obscenely OP and it cannot be denied that it isn’t. And to every one saying it isn’t just do ‘this’ or ‘this’ doesn’t effectively work. Even when it gets domed it just hide and spams decoy the whole time even causing incaps, a decoy shouldn’t be able to do damage let alone kill people and all they do is hide. And then when the dome is down they teleport nearly the whole map. Then its just repeat. And its causing people to leave straight away.

But on the other hand I believe the goliath and the kracken is pretty well balanced, maybe a little buff to the goliath.


Keep your buffs to yourself. :smile: Goliath is buff enough as it is… Have you seen those muscles? :wink:


The wraith should be nerfed since so many people are reporting it for being to powerful. So many people are using it because it’s not too hard to manage it, and because they know that it’s going to be nerfed, so why not have fun making players rage?


Because that’s an incredibly boorish and uncalled for thing to do? Deliberately ruining somone’s fun- and making a person cry, as another actually boasted about here- is the most senselessly assholish thing to do. Wanting to get a point across doesn’t excuse such behavior.


I agree with you. I myself am not one of those people, I was just saying that because that’s how some users of the wraith are. People have fun just for that reason.


I sincerely apologize, then. I just got off another thread where somebody griefed, recorded t and began boasting, so I’m a little annoyed.