Every assault elite!


I feel like a total no life… but i did it!!! Every Assault ELITE!!!


Naw man, nobody thinks you have no life.

I need to say that because I got all three trappers on elite by Friday night…

Also, congratulation! :slight_smile:


Nice. I’m way too all over the place to focus on any elite skins - I never play the same character ( or class, even ) for more than two-three games in a row.


What’s wrong with you?!? Griffin is the best hunter in the game. I used to think Hank was, but now… Dat harpoon :dizzy_face:


yeah i really donth have a preference either but in my main team i play the assault so ms it easyer to elite em :stuck_out_tongue:


Iunno. My cycle usually goes

  • Join a game in progress ( Thanks matchmaking )
  • Have fun with that character/class, put it in as my #1 priority in the lobby cause I wanna do it again
  • Play a few more games with them
  • Suddenly get given another class at start because stuff
    -Goto step 2, repeat


Eh, I try to play premades so I usually stick with one class (usually trapper or medic)