Ever since I picked up gold skilled monster I can't find a match

I was in a party the other day with a friend who is a silver skilled monster. The day prior I had just picked up gold skilled monster and decided to take a break til the next day. I get on and jump in a party with my friend (we are both playing monster) and he finds, and completes, 5 matches before I found my first match. Have they made it so silver monsters find matches easier than gold monsters? Or am I just having terrible luck. I haven’t found a match since that day despite trying an hour or so each day.

What platform are you on? I’m pretty sure the number of Gold-Tier Hunters and Monsters are pretty limited right now so maybe that’s what’s causing your problems.

Just for reference, there are only 35 Gold-Tier Monsters on PS4 right now.

Playstation4. That’s understandable but I shouldn’t have to wait this long to find a match. I usually try for an hour or so than jump to madden where I only have to wait 20 seconds lol. But I’ve put alot of time into this game and I still love it I just hate the new matchmaking.

It’s also worth noting the Monster queues are larger in ratio to the Hunter queues right now, so that’s also causing longer wait times. Just out of curiosity, how have your matches been that you’ve managed to play?

I usually beat the opposing team in under 3 minutes or so depending on their rank. If they’re good enough I’ll usually try to stage 2 them which is usually under 10 minutes or so.