Ever picked wrong monster ability


and it just crippled you? I just did. Played Wraith, meant to take 1 in Decoy but went one in Super Nova.

It was bad. Very bad.


Yess i did… was ment to go 3 in rock went 3 in fire… never felt so crippled before…


Kraken pre-1.3…

I was trying an extra stealthy build using vortex. It worked well, but I was having a hard time with the hunters after they caught me. So I Evolved and went to go put 3 points in lightning strike, but put it in aftershock instead…

I had no long range abilities and got absolutely melted >.<


Wait… so you where a Wraith/Kraken Hybrid?


He meant vortex.


I know donth spoill my fun :frowning:


Thanks. Monsters are all a blur o.O

Now about that Rock throwing Behemoth…


That would be awesome, though.


Hell yeah!! The ultimate Sky Wraith is born :stuck_out_tongue: all we need now is a new name… Kraith it shall be!! 5th monster confirmed!


I wonder what kinda sexiness it would have <3.

Also you know you can reset your choices for that stage? If you didnt go crazy and already picked everything


I know you can undo the changes yeah :stuck_out_tongue: but once you lock in all 3 you’re doomed


I tried to put all my points in Rock Wall for my first ever Behemoth match. Put them all in Lava Bomb instead.



I’ve only picked the wrong ability in select screen, so I’ve always been able to change it. I have yet to do it in an evolve.


My face when I screwed up because I picked the wrong skill

And then my face when I lost