Ever felt so rejected


That even the map let you go?


A bunch of times. Once all the kids at schoo- oh you mean in game? Three or four times.


Not necessarily, but I did have the game reject the concept of finding actual other human players when I just happened to be in a lobby with @Quirkly … And the game decided he was going to be monster.

Horrible, horrible times indeed.



Yes, especially when I have a friend playing Laz. And then my body falls through the world, and I realize there isn’t any coming back for me. ~sigh~


I’m sorry. It broke my heart to leave you behind but this isn’t Minecraft. Can’t dig to get to you.


You probably smiled seeing me die, and fall through the world alone! :cry:


H-how could you say that?


You were so mean to me on the stream. :confounded:


Behemoth is scary on defend right?


Kraken is scarier on Defend. Behemoth on Defend is pretty much a chance to test how much damage your weapons do.


You just really hate Behemoth dont you >_>


Not at all! I love fighting Behemoth. Amazing fun. But I think he’s pretty much nonviable right now- because of his design and the bugs.


His bugs are what kill him, and the stamina crap :confused: