Ever Come to a Stalemate situation in Hunt?


I fought against a pack of hunters yesterday, Destroyed 3 of them quite easily at stage 2 but the other ran, so I carried on. but in the end I lost because the reactor was in a room with a high ceiling and a shell either side, So chase them Goliath cant move fast enough and trying to keep an eye on who is medic, they had an armour beacon so anytime I hit someone they got a shield and then they wouldnt come outside and I couldnt go inside because it was like locking a cat in a cage with armed up birds that knew how to flee and cause enough damage over time,

So it was either die or wait out the timer, This is what I dont like about the hunt and its probably my only peeve with it, I and the hunters ended up in the same situation in a stand off but by default the hunters win so all they have to do is perch up high and just shoot if I go near the reactor which imo is a bit rediculous.

Not asking for anyone to do anything about this I just want to hear other peoples fight stories if they ever got a stalemate situation similar to mine and how yours accured.

Cheers, thanks for reading :slightly_smiling:


Happens to me all the time.

It might seem ridiculous to you, but there is a reason behind the Monster loosing when the Timer runs out. If a monster evolves to stage 3 and hides in the back of the map, it’s not balanced, so the Timer is a monster’s warning nudge to either attack the Hunters or target the Relay. So its not that ridiculous if you asked me. Monsters just can’t hide and expect to win for doing nothing.


I’ve had a literal stalemate in the game, only once though.

It was the first time playing Karken, geez did I suck, and I still do. I played him like Goliath, an in your face brawler type of guy, and it cost me the match at the end.

It was the Dam, I was pretty new to the game, you would actually see me sneaking. I didn’t know that I should’ve fought S2 to make a relay fight easier, so every match was a ft3 until I saw the forums and was enlightened.

So no action whatsoever until S3, and they actually chased me. The medic was Laz, who I had no idea how to counter, or even knew what he did. I would just see dead hunters come back to life, so I put 2+2 together and figured it was him, so I should focus him down, just a bit too late though.

With barely any health bars, I’m still fighting the Hunters and I’m struggling, since it was my first Karken match. With Support left, he cloaked and just stood still, since I was trying to bait him to revive his teammates, although his cloak eventually runs out. He has half health-ish, and I have half a bar of one. He’s aiming straight at my head while his team shoots me while incapped as I finish Hank off with a lightning strike when they finish me at the same time.

Draw. Wasn’t surprised.

TL;DR Draw. I sucked and still do at Karken.

Edit: Stalemate as in Hunters win on time?


Happened to me with goliath, val and torvald last survivors. Downed val, then i went sneak pouncing torvald with half bar of health left. Once pounced val started to hit me with the pistol, i end sneak pouncing on torvald but ,at the same micro-second, val killed me with the pistol and ended with a stalemate.


yea I understand why it is the way it is, but it doesnt mean it hasnt got any flaws in it. I mean once I hit stage 3 the hunter hid in a room on a shelf and waited until the timer ran out, its kinda what the system is supposed to stop the monster doing but the odd time it works for hunters so it not a complete balance in that sense,

It ended up being a bullet proof system around the reactor and we are talking about really bad players, I saw the medic running alone and i hid slightly out of sight but he ran straight for me and I thought he saw me but obviously didnt, I pounced on him and he was dead before anyone else came close to me, it was like playing complete rookies that fought worse than the bots do in solo mode.

But because they set things up to hide up on a perch using scent masking tools and armour replacing beacons the trap was impenetrable, the building made it sooo easy all they had to do was camp for 4 minutes guarding the reactor, when I say guarding I mean Hiding on a perch together and jumping up or down spreading around when attacked, So there was no effort on their part to win at all. they lost the battle so hid until the game was over basically.

There should be something in place maybe to give them reason to attack and kill you, maybe I am just a bad player but it seems like I lost against people that where pretty bad at the game simply because they where out of reach


The map may have had Hunter advantages in it. If a Hunter is doing that, best throw your flames at them and get them to come down.


lol yea took me ages to figure out medics could revive dead players! I used to be freaked, like wtf, I just killed everyone and kept enough health to survive and then they return all 4 and you just have to look on and know you’ve lost, I wish the tutorial videos where a bit more informative, there is nothing about the 30 secs respawn in the extras on the game that I could see


Yeah I hope they fix this in 9.0. Winning nearly the entire match once you can fight back but lose due to them managing to run away better at the end. I’ve literally had hunters scatter to the four corners once I hit stage three. With just enough line of sight to keep you off relay.


It was Fusion plant, I literally tried everything I could to catch them, Bet them about for them to just regain armour, I destroyed beacon after beacon and they just kept replacing them, they where just camping and using defense rather than offence because they where so bad at offence.

I just think it was an undeserved win on their part, if it was head to head they clearly couldnt stand a chance


Yea Its so annoying, I mean I know there are plenty of good teams that I have played and I failed miserably against some, but I had killed them just after I reached stage 2, didnt take very long, then because I had killed 3 of them I just freely ate and staged up and then armored up so I was easily stage 3 in less than eight mins, so I had to spend the next 12 minutes chasing them around what was like a big bird cage room like a kitten, there was just nothing I could do, If i was the kraken then cool maybe stand a chance then because height didnt matter so much then, but already in game it was too late.

This never happened before as hunters generally fight, but I dont even think they knew how the timer worked, It took them a while to realise they had to stop shooting me in the distance to stop the game pausing so I was probaable chasing for about 15 minutes if not more.


Well it sounds like fusion plant. But it is also a tactic to burn out the clock if they feel like you have too much health to kill straight up.


yea I get that but I had little or no health with how hard I had to work for it and had to run a couple of times to get food for armor. In these situation it seems the hunters have it as easy as they make it for themselves, I’m sure all teams could use this camping tactic to win every match if they really wanted to, there is only a couple of maps where the reactor is enclosed in a confined room,