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Greetings. I have Evolve and I never miss any of the events of the game to get the skins either on the main game or on the Mobile Evolve Hunters Quest. I have been checking the offcial news site each week to check if there is a new event, I also check the game the news feed of the game and steam hub for news.

Well I checked last Thurrsday and Friday all those and I didin’t find anything. To my biggest surprise I found that there was a challenge last week that I missed. Let’s talk about the problems. I checked the french news page which doesn’t get updated at all with all the new news, So I always swtitch to the english version.

When I checked last Thursday and Friday, there was no new challenge announcement displayed for me. The steam hub announcement section is a real nightmare, most of the enws don’t get announced or are a real pain to find or spot. So the last resort for me was the news feed in the game itself. I started the game last saturday, and I got the notorious message : news feed not available (in french: Le fil d’actualité n’est pas disponible) so there was no way for me to find out about the last week event for me, so I missed it.

I checked today using same procedures, the english news site, the messed steam hub, and the game news feed in which I still got the news feed not available message. So even this week I really don’t know if there is a challenge event (at least teh mobiel game challeneg notification is more obvious).

I am really not happy at all because I never missed any skin before and I even plan to get all the otehr in game skins and season passess one day, becasue the challenegs are one of the reasons encouraging me to play the game. Please, improve yopur notification system about the events and correct the enws feed in the game and please tell me that there is anotehr upcoming event that may let us win the missed skins like the previous unwon arena game. Thanks.


Firstly, holy wall of text dude. Fix this. It literally hurts my eyes.

Secondly, yeah. I have to agree that as it stands the announcement method is pretty bad.


@DarkMesa Fixed.

Well I really hope they fix their announcement system. What about making a news feed in the mobile app Evolve Hunter’s Quest? I regularly play the app each week to get the skins for the app and the main game, so it is easier for me and many others who play it too since many are on the go and they can check the app any time and it is easier than going to many otehr sites… This is one of solutions they should look at.

And I hope they make a compensation week-end (just like they did two weeks ago) each month or on a special day or like after five challenges to make us get the missed skins again for both the main game and the mobile app. It is really overwhelming for many fans and collectors to miss some of the skins or events in both games after much work and time spent or by missing it accidently just like I did while I was always checking.

I really hope they consider that.


Anyway, now that that isn’t so bad…

Sorry to hear that you missed out on the one from last week. I always felt that they should have made a load screen tip and pic detailing the challenge, and make sure that it is always the first one to appear during load times as the challenge is active. IDK how viable that is, but I think it would help people to be informed about them.

I can’t speak for the app however, as I don’t use it.

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@ DarkMesaYes, It would be a good idea for the main game. This is what they do for the app. When you oppen the app, you have a section with a countdown to an upcoming event. The day before the event starts, there is a big notification that fills the entire screen to inform us that there is a new event and for which character. This is almost impossible to miss if you understood what I meant (you can try that). No need to to go any other site to check that, it is with in the game.

I hope they do the same for the main game and not rely on a late tiny window of the ness feed in the game which is most of the time unavailble or even when it is available, it flips between other news and you can still miss it since it is tiny and quick. I really hope they do sth like that for the main game so it will be easier for everyone to open the game like on Friday on Saturday or last day and see the big unmissable notification (like for the mobile app) with the countdown of time left (or time before the event starts) rather than checking many sites (like steam hub, facebook page etc) which will be overwhelmed by other news or threads which will eclipse the event announcement. And why not like I said previoulsy, add a notification for the main game event in the mobile app too to be more secure.


This is another point that was brought up months ago. People came up back then saying a pop-up notifications were unnecessary, and people should just read the news feed.

The news feed sucks. It’s small and unavailable most of the time. It requires a player to stop at the main page and wait for the news feed to load to get the message. So pointless.

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The Evolve Facebook page usually gives a couple days of a warning.


Not everyone have or use facebook, and even if you like the page, the news feed of the official page may not appear if you like many others pages, so it would be useless, and even if you check the page, you need to scroll down a lot longer to find the news about that event since many other news come to that page and it the same problem, it can be still easily missed.


Of course, I am providing it as a suggestion for you to learn of the event easier. Not providing it as justification.


Now this is just insane. I checked the news site on the last Saturday and this enws wasn’t there :

They cna write the date they want (Posted Jul 16, 2015) this news wasn’t there on that day and just appeared this week. So I missed this awesome skin too (I missed 3 in a row now).

Really checking this site isn’t worth it:

I am not even interested to play he game for the new challenge (which miraculously appeared today), since I already missed 3 skins.

I really hope they reintroduce the missed skins.


It was there. There was a link in the weekend challenge thread that showed it. It sounds like it might be a cache issue with your browser.

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In gamews feed; evove news site/blog and a pinned forum topic PREORDER CANCELLED evolve challenges OP plsnerf

How many more ways could they try to tell us? Smoke signal?

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