Event to Invite People Back to Evolve?


Hello everyone!
Quite a bit of time has passed since Evolve came out. We all know that the majority of the player base from day one is gone…
But those people still paid money, somewhere deep inside their brain wants them to play…

But they don’t, most likely because of memories of game breaking glitches(that I oddly never encountered…) and DLC hype/anger (that I think was beyond stupid)

What do you guys think of me creating an Event on Facebook or something, for like this weekend…just inviting people to come back to Evolve, see what has changed and try to encourage them to give it another shot…I truly believe this game is far, far better now than it was when it released…and if people give it another shot we may get some of the player base back.

I’m not talking getting back to day one numbers of 25k+
I’m talking a bump from the current peaks of around 2k, to maybe 4 or 5?
Even an increase of just 1k would be 50% more players.

I don’t want to waste my time with this though, so what do you guys think? Worth a shot, or a waste of time?


waste of time


I dunno… I think it’s worth a shot, if we can get people onboard with the idea.

@SledgePainter @MidnightRoses
I trust you two. What are your thoughts?


I guess the next step would be, how to go about it?
I think the best way would be to have a list of the biggest fixes that have occurred since day one, that way people can see the game is different now.

Besides listing the patches, what else do you guys think I should list?


Remind them that even though the playerbase has fallen, the Devs still haven’t stopped working… Let’s see… The fixes just sounds like the primary point right now, not sure what I can add.


The name is important, I gotta make sure it doesn’t sound too desperate, while still grabbing attention.

Current ideas:

Repopulate the Evolve Servers
Give Evolve Another Chance
Evolve Has Changed, See For Yourself

Any other title suggestions?


Something more catchy and confident I’d say.

“The Hunt has Evolved.”


I think they should make some huge update in the beginning of summer that’ll fix many bugs and add new content. With a title like “Evolution Has Been Changed Forever”


Personally, I still think a free play time period for all would do wonders…I’d suggest a week of free play. This only after the next patch fixes the reload perk and Kraken CC and other little glitches. Also I’d suggest it end just prior to the release of T5, whenever that is. If possible, make the free play time frame also encompass T4 monster and hunters so people get to play those for free, and have the week be during an Evolve game sale of no more than 30% off which would have an option to upgrade to own T4 and the upcoming T5.


Old but relevant.


I agree whole heartedly. Once they fix some of the balance/bugs that have been sapping the enjoyment of a lot of people, it would be a GREAT time to have a public invitation :smile:


@rcsrex The issue with cross-platting is the aiming…
Mouse and keyboard far and beyond trumps the accuracy that can be achieved with a controller.

Although I do think evolve wouldn’t be affected very much by this, as most everything you will shoot at is massive…

Be interesting to test, see if monsters tend to do better or worse with keyboard mouse vs controller, and same with hunter.
Take a long time to do, and need a lot of volunteers.

I think it would be best for me to wait on this event until the game does go on sale, so that’s what I’ll do.

In the meantime, I can take time building the event(as private for now, invite only, and slowly edit it to perfection)
I’ll go ahead and make the event on facebook now, if you’d like an invite and are interested in helping build it send a message to me

I’ll also keep checking this thread for suggestions, so keep them coming if you think of anything.


Until matchmaking is fixed, nothing should happen. No one wants to go into a game and get their least preferred choice, it’s like the game is insulting you.

Even if I like to play both sides, sometimes when I’m connecting to the game I’m like “Only hunters game tonight” And if I get monster I’m like “Fuck this, I’m out of here”, and just disconnects and go play another game.


  • Matchmaking is not aware of teams (4 players team + 1 guy who doesn’t want to be monster, will be the monster).

  • Matchmaking do not have separate ranking (you are level 40, with 200 hunter match, and 0 as monster, you shouldn’t be in the “versus level 40 trappers” pool when you finally want to try monster, you should have a separate monster ranking to enable you to progressively get better at it).

  • Matchmaking should have another possibility preference and/or crossed out if you are not in a team, you simply do NOT want to play these roles. Just move me until I get them.

  • Better map voting during match selection.

All in all, I would focus a LOT more on comfort of life rather than balancing issues right now. These issues are a real pain in the ass.

It’s like this. If game was unbalanced like Alpha/Beta but all matchmaking issues were resolved, I wouldn’t give a fuck about the balance, I would still play the fuck out of the game, knowing that I’m playing what I want, when I want it, with no disconnections and stuff like that, with better map control etc …

Right now … I kind of don’t (mainly because of DEVICE_HUNG but …) because sometimes I just don’t want to play monster/hunter, and … because I know there’s a chance I’ll get it, I just don’t launch the game :frowning:


This is the main problem. A missing properly done matchmaking system, maybe even a ranked one. I flat out refuse to play hunter at the time since I can’t be arsed to play with total scrubs all the bloody time.


I think every point you featured would be fixed, or greatly improved, by having a larger player base.
I don’t want to turn this into a matchmaking post, but have you tried asking for the role you want?
I play everything, but if I’m really feeling medic or trapper I can ask and 7/10 times I’ll get it
1/10 times they don’t want to swap
1/10 times they are trying for mastery
1/10 times they don’t respond

But the main point is, I think the issue would be solved, or reduced greatly, with a larger player base.


I think it’s too early to do this. We had a peak of people come back after tier 4 but for one reason or another they didn’t stick around. Right now the game is not different enough from when it was released to be of interest to people coming back. You don’t want to use up your goodwill now only for them to feel that you’re banging the drum for a game that for them hasn’t changed. :smile:


I think waiting for the next sale should be good, although it’d be nice if I knew when that was
Any devs out there have a hunch?


Yes. This.

Good idea.


I’m for it, if we do something like Sledge suggested.


How bout this, on top of a free to play week, a discount deal on steam (and systems if possible) of 25% - 50% off, thus selling more copies, making dlc available, and increasing the number of players in the game. Its almost a guarantee that when your game goes on sale for that cheap, you get a massive surge of new players that can become dedicated fans really quick.

Basically this with sledge painters idea would be amazing