Event skins not showing up


I’ve participated in both events, and haven’t received either skin. I thought maybe I didn’t participate properly in the trapper one, even though i was 99% sure I did. Then after this event, where I not only played as Goliath, I rained down rocks on fools, I didn’t get the voodoo skin.

I tried unlinking and relinking my2k account but that didn’t help.

Edit: on Xbox one


Which platform are you on? For Steam I think @THISaint can help. For Xbox I believe @Jedi_Warrior knows how to solve this.


What Rose said. ^.-


no ps4 love? soo im guessing ppl like me are screwed :cry: sniff


I don’t know the guy to call for PS4 issues.


:scream: you sound like my psychic… are you a psychic?


No, I’m just a normal human being. :slight_smile: And to answer your next question, no, I am not lying.


Xbone. Should’ve specified.


@Jedi_Warrior I think you know what to do here, correct?


I’m having the same problem I played all this weekend and threw Hella rocks and no skin ;-; (Xbox one)


Some general tips I’ve heard is disconnecting your 2k account, then relinking it. So you could try that if no-one else can help


I’ve been having a ton of skin issues lately. Even skins that I’ve purchased aren’t showing up. Unlinking has been helping but it is a temporary solution and I don’t like having to do it each time I want to use a skin.



In the description for the event it said you will receive the goliath voodoo skin by thursday so you may get it tomorrow.

Just out of curiosity has it saved any replays on the hunters quest app from the weekend?


No idea. I don’t have the app. I have seen other players with the skins though.


If you don’t see it by noon tomorrow, I’d submit a ticket to 2K support. They should be able to see your My2k was linked and hopefully help you out. Best of luck to you!


Hopefully it is just late getting to you. As @TheMountainThatRoars said if you don’t have it by the end of tomorrow then submit a ticket to 2K support.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you so good luck!


Will do. Thanks.


Any luck so far?


Nope 10chars


Still no skins received ;-;