Even Torvald's hair


Many complain rightly about this game which is still full of glitches.

They even messed up a model of a 2d character lol

So what do you want to say ? FAIL TRS.

(click to enlarge)



…He’s… got a combover.



Oh no a minor flaw that you have to zoom in 8x just notice. From the normal view it just makes his hair look more floofy and normal hair like.


You posted this on the Steam forums as well…why? Is his hair the first thing that should see some attention? Maybe it should be Kraken’s CC or the Reload Speed perk…no? Ok, hair then.


You are an ignorant lackey of a corrupt corporation, Sledge. CLEARLY it isn’t about just the hair itself, it’s about the principle. TRS has shown us their obvious lack of care and incompetence here. HOW DARE they have a tiny hair flaw on a character loading screen? :wink:



ah comon his hair is done well. hes developing a little bald spot there :wink:

there are more obvious things like the animations when viewed from 3rd person in general sometimes a bit jerky, especially on Torvald i think.

because thats a thing that could have been done better wink wink titanfall


I have a strange suspicion that TRS gave Torvald epic facial hair to distract us from such a game breaking issue. Looks like we fell for it guys. We’re all fools!


To be honest, considering what Torvald has actually lost and had replaced…his hair is probably the least of his worries.

Perhaps the next update could provide him with a hat, one of those winter woolie hats with a bright pink fluffball on top :slight_smile:


Take a closer look…

(click to enlarge)



Pretty sure that’s just a combover man.

Can’t say everyone with a combover is a glitch.


noice, noice.


…Mother of god.




You need to turn your graphics higher.


I wouldn’t care if they were missing their eyeballs (bug in some games). Honestly, gameplay over graphics imo.


Brings back memories of this


Seems like an issue with anti aliasing.
Can you confirm the problem is present on a 2160p screen?


Clearly you aren’t familiar with Brook from one piece


I’m not, I found One Piece boring. ^.-


Dead guy who loves his hair and goes to great lengths to protect it, cause it’s the only way his animal companion will be able to recognise him when they finally meet back up