Even more preorder bonuses


After looking through places to preorder the game I came across that amazon had Even more preorder bonuses which were some new hunters, My question Is Which website has the best preorder bonuses?


I extremely dislike preorder bonuses that are different based solely on where you get the game. Add X dollars to your order for this Insert random cosmetic item here but anyone can do that regardless of company purchased from. I hate ‘missing out’ on things because I didn’t want to pre-order from 4-5 different sources -.-


Me too :frowning: though I’m probably just gonna get it through amazon.


Check the Community Resources thread to see all the pre-order bonuses that we know of to date. There might be others added at a later time.


Keep in mind the Amazon bonus is only access to hunters that can also be unlocked through normal gameplay. It doesn’t give you access to anything other users won’t be able to get. Virtually all of the pre-order bonuses (aside from the DLC monster and Goliath skin that everyone who pre-orders will get, regardless of where they buy the game) are cosmetic or early access stuff, nothing unique that affects gameplay.


K I wil check it now


I guess I would get it from game stop but it doesn’t get guaranteed alpha access.


I would recommend a gamestop preorder. They cover all preorder content that isn’t otherwise unlockable. While I am not the biggest fan of gamestop, you will get the most value for your dollar there as far as Evolve is concerned.


I’ll wait until the steam pre order comes.

I have a feeling that Evolve TF2 items may be a thing.


It still is cool with Amazon having an Instant Hunters Pack. You would get it before anyone else would.

I pre-ordered from Amazon because, 1. I’m a prime member, 2. You don’t have to pay anything until your game is shipped (or in this case me getting the code), and 3. I like Amazon lol.


If tf2 get’s evolve Items i’ll just trade stuff for them.


Any word in when we can pre order on psn?