Evacuation , win 4 games as monster, thrown in at 5 day as human because leaver


So I just on a win streak of 4 as monster
1 player leave
get forced into human team on day 5!?
new player joins and fill the monster slot
we still win as human


get close to nothing in XP while the one who just joined get the “honey pot” of xp I built up for free, even if he lost horrible =/

and if you wonder, yes I have prefered class as monster on number 1.

Really monster should NOT be forced to switch team if he/she is already the monster and prefered class (Could understand if I did have it as least prefered class, but not as most prefered)


That should be a bug, afaik player teams are supposed to remain the same for the entire evac campaign.


That is very strange. It is usually the monster who leaves and steals a hunter for the monster spot.


Well first I got moved onto human and NPC monster did kick in, than someone new joined and did take the spot before I could take it back

it is just very frustrating that you played 4 games to cripple yourself ^^


Dude that’s brutal. There goes like 5k exp gone. D:


i had a similar issue where i was performing well as the trapper only to be thrown in as the assault class O.o


OK I give up on this mode

now joined a game on third day as human and last day forced to be monster


I was Monster 1st round, and then hunter 2-5th round. I wanted to be monster D;