Evacuation Solo


So, I love the multiplayer Evacuation mode, but, when I try to start a solo game it just plays the video and puts me back in the menu. So, is it not activated yet? Or am I just having a bug?


i iwsh i knew, it was supposed to be up by now.


You have the issue as well?


Are you XB1 or PC?


XB1 is what im on


Pretty sure solo isn’t supposed to be available during the beta, but I haven’t paid any attention to Xbox details so I might be wrong.


Not 100% sure, I know PC has NO solo modes at all, other than the 2 tutorials for Monster/Hunter.

XB1 might not have no solo mode.


One of the developers answered this. No solo mode in the Beta. Disappointing.


Thank you for answering!


i cant get into match making evac i thought thats what we were talking baout