Evacuation Should have a lvl unlock in release


I feel like the evacuation game mode in the release should have a certain level cap to unlock it. because the lvl 1-8 people playing it right now are just running around and doing absolutely NOTHING to help te game progress.


Good point! Something like “win a match in each game mode separately(in skirmish) to unlock evacuation”


or have atleast have Tier 1 and goliath have 1 star ability’s


Naw, make it level orientated! Don’t force them to get all Tier 1 stars cause that takes time. I would guess have players get to lv 5 or 10 (Somewhere between those numbers) to unlock Evacuation.

I do see what you mean, having unskilled hunters run around dying to the wildlife will get irritating real fast…


I actually quite like this idea - people who are still figuring out the mechanics for hunt will flip when trying other modes. It wouldn’t have to be a high unlock condition, but maybe something small like level 5 or 10 - just enough to make sure people understand the basic mechanics.


Yeah somthing like that will do to