Evacuation seems too hard as Goliath



I was in the Alpha, and the Beta, and now that I’m on the release, I wanted to try some Evacuation. As I haven’t been able to get into the multiplayer, I’ve been doing it in solo. And it seems like these alternate game modes outside of Hunt (Nest, Rescue) are entirely too much in favor of the hunter team.

In my experience, the Goliath isn’t worth a damn against the hunters until Stage 3, and even that’s questionable in Solo mode. But the way these alternate game modes are set up, the Hunters can easily win the game without having to be concerned about the Goliath, but the Goliath can’t seem to get any leverage because most of these objectives are easily achieved before or right as the Goliath reaches Stage 3.

Maybe it’s different for the other monsters, but I didn’t get any of them unlocked in the Beta, and my progress was reset at release. So I basically got nothing for my time, other than time served.

If anyone out there feels it isn’t so bad as Goliath (I refuse to change the difficulty to tip the game in the Monster’s favor, that’s too easy), please let me know. I’m open to suggestions, tips, etc.


Hmmm, not sure what to say. I never had an issue with Goliath during evac. =/


It could just be the Solo experience. The bots are brutal unless you dumb down the difficulty.


I think I’ve only played 1 match I rescue/nest as Goliath, so I can’t help you there.
I can give you hints for defend mode though, because I was using that to farm for abilities and for general combat practice.
Basically for defend I would heavily recommend putting three points into rock throw.
If you aim this right you can one hot the turrets from a distance without having to risk your armor, just go close/high, rock throw and then let your minions take care of the rest while you disengage whenever you lose your armoir


I did a complete run as Goliath and won. I lost one rescue cause I acted stupid and didn’t run flame breath.

Other than that, I LOVE Evacuation!


I don’t know. I’ve gotten as far as unlocking Wraith, and even with the difficulty balanced in the Monster’s favor, I still can’t win Evacuation as the Monster in Solo.


As Andrew_Rawson said, it might have to do with the bots. I usually have 1 or 2 bot games a day, just to warm myself up, and they are pretty mean. As soon as they have line of sight on you the will start shooting, even if you are sitting inside a bush, in a pitchblack corner, or if just the tip of one of your back-spikes is visible while you are crouching behind a rock. They also behave kinda weird - I had bots that ran right past my footprints, ignoring birds and stuff like this.


You’re right MadHousewife. The bots do behave weird. I even had a game of Nest where they destroyed all but one egg, and I camped the last egg to timeout, thus winning. They never came for the last egg.


The bots are pretty nasty, but Rescue/Nest do force the monster to make a move earlier. You can’t really just hide and get to stage 2 as they’ll make too much leeway. Goliath can still fight fine without being stage 3 though.

For Nest I would try to just hatch an egg and armor up a bit.


I’ve tried that before, too. The hatching an egg. Before I can even eat anything to armor up, my minion is dead.


I’m starting to think the only way I’ll get an evac win in Solo is to switch to the Hunter team at the end.


I’d bet on a Stage 2 Goliath with full health/ armor over the Hunters, but in Stage 3 it is extremely one sided.

In my experience objectives give him time to stage up generally.


Consider fighting alongside the minion at Stage 2.

It gave me trouble last I played.


Did you remember to max out Rock Throw?
He probably forgot to max out Rock Throw.


I did max out Rock Throw, after I leveled up. But in my experience playing in Solo (not multi), you have little to no time to stage up. By the time I reach Stage 2, more than half the eggs are destroyed. If I were to hatch a minion to fight alongside, it would have to be after reaching stage 2 because as I learned the hard way, they waste no time going for the hunters. And as we’ve already discussed, the hunter AI in Solo are downright bastards.


I didn’t find the AI Hunters to be too bad (Only done vs Tier1 so far, going to do others tomorrow)

For Nest, focus on getting to Stage 2 first. Don’t even LOOK at your eggs, you’re not going to be much use at Stage 1 (IT may take a little time, but you’ll soon get it. Don’t be subtle. The Hunter’s aren’t looking for you, after all :wink: ). Get to Stage 2, hatch an egg, then charge into glorious battle! Aim for the medic. Even with Hank, you can punch through the shield fast enough. The Minion will either focus Medic with you (Preferred) or go onto someone else (Also good, less pressure on you.) Hang around until the Minion dies (This can be pretty quick, gotta front-load your damage vs AI) then maybe smack a low health Hunter down on the way out. Many times, you can win the fight right there on the spot. That Minion is a great distraction, even if TECHNICALLY you should be protecting him… Eh. For the greater good, Baby Goliath!

For Rescue, same boat. I found it far easier to ignore the first wave and hit Stage 2 ASAP then go in. Sometimes I stage up fast enough to actually catch that first group, but not often enough to aim for it. Just keep beating the Survivors and they’ll go down. Bonus points if you get a large wildlife involved (Though the AI seems to like to do that themselves half the time…). Hank shield buys a lot of time, but at the end of the day, a Rock Throw and a Leap Smash spells Splattered Survivor in short order.

Just takes a little getting used to, the AI isn’t too bad once you get the feeling of em straight. They have their moments where they just slam you on occasion, but generally they’re tame enough to put up a decent fight that’ll take a chunk out of you, but dumb enough to do things like stack up and examine the Tyrant’s maw with their face repeatedly :wink:


This. Nothing says ‘GET OFF MY PLANET!’ like 3/4 a Hunter’s HP bar gone in one fell swoop. Or if Hank is quick on the draw, an almost emptied Shield Generator right from the get-go. It may be my least favorite (Even then, I still like it alot!) but you can’t argue with the damage of a direct hit :wink:


To be fair I as a hunter am pretty glad when I see that enemy picked Goliath, especially in the last defending mode. Turrets are dealing huge damages and it takes 20s to get the monster down if he comes to the generator. I have never seen a monster win an evacuation so far and the only ones I’ve seen going further than the first generators are krakens.


I don’t know. Maybe Evacuation just isn’t for me. I’ve tried Evolving to stage 2 and releasing a minion in nest, both with Goliath and Wraith, and I still can’t seem to hold my own. Rescue doesn’t work for me either, if I try to go for the Survivors at anything less than Stage 3, I always find myself battling Hunters and getting wrecked, even Tier 1. If I wait to go to stage 3 to hunt Survivors, the Hunters get their 5 rescues. So for me, it seems it’s just not a game mode I can play in because I haven’t gotten the strategies or skills or whatever to do anything other than Hunt. Which is fine. I’ll just play Hunt then.


Ok, overall I am seeing improvement in my ability to play Evacuation in Solo, but defend still seems pretty rough. I just finished a game where I won all 4 days leading to defend, and still lost on defend. I’ve tried defend as all three monsters and I just can’t seem to get both generators and the power source. By the time my minions and I get to the power source, I’m less than one health bar from death, and the AI hunters cook shields like it’s a joke.


Hunt, Nest, Rescue aren’t too hard for Goliath. There are some tactics to win. BUT! in Defense there is no chance to Goliath. You can kill all hunters , but after you do this they respawn very quickly and kick your ass. You can focus on generators and advance to 3rd generator with full health and armor, but 3rd generator on all maps is so easy for hunters to defend near the gulch-entrance with mines, turrets and Abe’s grenades. And you have 5 minutes max to breach through this shit, kill hunters and try to destroy generator. Your allies die easy on mines etc ( especially if you lose on 4 day and they have no armor). Kraken can easy win this flying away this annoying defenses and shooting down from the sky. I think hunters must lose if they die all in this mode. Why not? They already have fast respawn. Its not fair.
I’m not bad with Goliath and I can win all 4 days, but I always lose on day 5.