Evacuation replacement bots


So, it’s kind of a big issue for people that they’ll join Evac and be forced to play as monster.

So why when 3 or 4 people leave do you get rerouted to another game?

I’ve had this so many times, a party or general team completely rage quitting because I won as the monster(when I wasn’t trying to play as the monster almost 100% of the time)

Then I’m switched to a random game sometimes on day 5 as a Hunter with a half dead team and an almost destroyed power source. No matter how good the progress you were making that’s all deleted.

Why when people leave don’t bots just take their place until more people join? There always seems to be people complaining they can never join Evac as a Hunter. So if bots replaced rage quitters these people could join as a Hunter instead of being forced in to being the Monster in some other match.
Everyone’s happy, except the cowards who leave and the chosen few who leave for legit reasons like connection issues.

I find it really annoying, so much so that I plan losses as the monster because if you win 4 times in a row half the time the team just leaves, even though quite often you can get wrecked 4 times in a row and still win Defend.