Evacuation Rage quitters


I don’t know about everyone else but when you wreck the monster in his first stage and they leave the game, it wrecks the campaign for me every single time because it backs me and my whole team out and then it starts searching. I think if you start an evacuation campaign and rage quit you should have to wait the average time it would take to complete that specific match for however many you have left. So if you leave after the first game of hunt and it takes on average 8 minutes to complete each evacuation match (Hunt, Rescue, Nest) you should be waiting 40 minutes to play another game. Rage quitting because you are inadequate at monster is unsportsmanlike and pathetic because you are just ruining the experience for other players who want to play and rank up. If you are a monster and you are getting beaten by a team of good hunters leaving the game isn’t going to make you better at it, if anything you are going to be worse than you were before because you can’t handle a real challenge. Any one else have same thoughts or different? I would love to hear them.


It works both ways. There have been several complaints from people who blow the hunters away for the first four rounds so they drop out the fifth round and deny the monster their XP.

Rage quitters are a nuisance in any game.


I find that it’s usually people trying to be op with wraith and when they fail horribly they back out to find easier hunters, it’s a shame cause they would rather leave than try another monster


There IS a wait, although it is pretty short.


Yeah that’s true it should apply to everyone.


I don’t play evacuation because no matter what side people never stay the whole game. I just stay in hunt because of people leaving to much in evac.


yep they get rektd from good hunters and go NOPE im not getting full xp vs this non-noob team then leaves.

too many completionists out there. i cant wait for teams to start beating me in hunt. i will be so juiced for the rest of evacuation. ITS ON BABY.


The evacuation wait is waaaaay too short for the consequences of leaving. For skirmish the SHORT timer is not even really a deterrent. For long matches… a lot of people are saying “fuck it” why spend an hour losing… I’ll take the minute.

It needs to be longer or scale with the amount of leaving you do.

Do it like league and don’t let you join a new game until that game is over and you get monitored for being a shitty player.


I know it’s not as fun but just play Co-Op Evacuation until TR implements a more severe punishment for quitters or fixes it in some other way.


It’s not an Evacuation thing. It’s the Monster players who don’t want to get stomped by stacks running a good lineup.


I’ll be your monster player…:smirk:

You’ll never win another Evac round again.


I cant count how many quit before the match ends. or quit after losing one.

this one guy RNG_ kept connecting only to our group and then leaving. we thought it was disconnects first but he dcd right as we were going to win. so we knew it was a ragequit lol.

@MrHat556 get on ps4 :wink:


Aw DAM, you just HAD be ps4 didnt ya?. Oh well, that’s one loss your not going to suffer😂.