Evacuation Progress lost when hunters ragequit


This occured to my 2 times so far:

  • was playing evacuation as monster
  • won the first 4 days “pretty hard”
  • all hunter players left the game
  • game starts “searching”
  • throws me into a “new” evacuaion campaign… day 1!

-> All my collected Bonus-XP/Progression is lost.

That’s really the worst way of handling such a game in progress… I’d love to see that changed to “new hunters get thrown into the game”, even if i have to wait 5 minutes for it…


I’m surprised bots didn’t take over, but thanks for posting. Hopefully this is something that can be adjusted.


I think this was talked about it another topic.
I think the solutions we come up with were let you do solo or give you the xp, then put you in s new match


I think i’d be fine with almost anything but how it is right now ^^

And yes, someone else reported a related bug, where he had 4 games as monster, won each of them, then a hunter left and he was thrown into the hunter-team, while a new player came in as the monster, lost day 5 hard, and still got all his Bonus-XP ^^


Different one I was thinking of


Actually I think this isn’t because of ragequitting. Did they all just suddenly leave after the progression screen or was it Person a quits, then person b then the last two? There’s a bug I’ve observed where the game drops all the hunters at the end of day 4 in Evac.