Evacuation offline/solo help


ok so far i have only played offline/solo evacuation and im playing monster because why not. lol. anyways i dont know if i just suck or im not understanding what i need to do as monster, but no matter what mode i play, the hunter bots kick my butt.

So for people who have tried this mode out as monster, is there any tips you can give me so i can win instead of getting owned by bots. lol

thanks in advance.


How exactly are you losing? Do they catch you at low stages and wreck your face in a dome, or can you not win a stage 3 generator fight?

There can be several reasons for your demise =P
I’d like to help


If evacuation is the kill three generators mode, then just don’t play as wraith lol. It sucks. Still to Kraken or Goliath.


both actually, sometimes they catch me early on, but i kinda figured that i need to just run for a minute at the beginning and then one timie i actually got to stage 3 and when i got to generator they pretty much handed me my butt.


Part of being a monster in evolve is knowing where the food is at, whom to target, when to run, and knowing the map. If they have laz, pick wraith so you can invisibly devour a hunters dead body.

Unfortunatly, if I don’t know the situation you were in that destroyed you, I can’t really help you beyond that.


crouch walking really helps aswell losing the hunters and u can get a distance to feed and evolve.


I already mentioned it in another thread, but the hunter bots are really nasty. They will start shooting you as soon as you are in their line of sight, it doesn’t matter if you are sitting in a bush or in a dark corner. If that causes your demise, then I would recommend you to always hide behind rocks/buildings and thick trees if they are in your sniff-range.