Evacuation-Nest bug?


After losing a match to the monster he was rewarded with a little goliath that follows him around for the upcoming nest match well we killed 5eggs and he spawned one minion which we proceeded to also kill, though the match didnt end after we killed the killing the sixth minion and it was crossed out in the upper left part of the screen, the only reason i can come up with why the match didnt end is because the minion that was given to the monster from the previous round wasnt killed. is this a bug or intentional?


yeah i mention that in another post , if its intentional the UI dosent desplay the proper objective to kill the remaning minion , i think thats the problem


after thinking about it you cant have 2 minions active at a time for nest in the first place


might be a good thing, as monster with 2 minions might be a too big wreck ball