Evacuation needs to be fixed!


My apologies if the title sounds too over dramatic, but I feel evacuation needs a little adjustment. The problem I have is with the auto balance mechanic. Now auto balancing is fine, it helps stop any unnecessary streaming rolling of another team, and gives that losing team a chance to come back. But the issue I have is with the fact that auto balancing stays even when the team who was on a losing streak/got the auto balance, wins a match. For example, if the hunters lost 3 times in a row and they have a 3 multiplier for auto balance, and they win the following match they will now get the map perk and still have 2 multiplier for auto balancing (because they lost 1 multiplier since they won). I feel since they won they should lose all multipliers, because they now they have a map perk, and the monster has no multipliers nor does it have a perk anymore. I believe at that point the teams are on an equal footing. And allowing the hunter team to keep some of their multipliers (because they lost a few rounds before) and the round wining perk is really over powered and can cause a steaming rolling effect that they can use against the monster.

Sorry if it sounds way too convoluted, I’m literally typing this on my phone as I wait for a game of hunt to load up. And I understand if you have your reasons of keeping it (maybe the auto balance is such a small minute increase it really doesn’t make that much of a difference), but perhaps you could consider my proposition.


I see exactly what you mean. And I agree.

It’s nigh-impossible to win if the hunters have 2 ticks of balance AND armoured turrets on Defend.

At least, if they’re a good team. I wouldn’t know about bad pubs, but against a coordinated one? I hope I never have to deal with that. That’s why I always give my max at the fourth day, I do -not- want to be caught with armoured turrets.


I really hate Evacuation at the moment. My friends and I played a few games and won the first three rounds every time, only to get dominated the last few rounds.

Autobalance utterly gimps the winning team, and the winning bonus doesn’t do enough to balance out the teams.


The title isn’t over dramatic at all, it’s just truth.

The auto balance ruins it and should be taken out completely. There is just no need for it at all.


I would love to see auto-balance go. In my limitied experience so far the map effects do not allow for steamrolling, but they do a very good job of adding variety. In my experience you can always get around the different map effect wins. I wouldn’t really say any of them are Op from what I’ve seen

I plan to play A LOT of evac this weekend since I am fairly free and have not been playing as much Evolve as I want to.

I think Evac needs some work in general to imporve the already great experience.

  1. I wish you always had the option to choose hunt. I like rescue and nest but only as a change of pace. I think you should always have the option to choose hunt in each map selection screen.

  2. I think defend mode needs some work the most. It’s by far my most favorite mode besides Hunt. Great idea, great execution for the most part. The turrent and minions need serious work though.

  3. Auto-balance… ugh…

  4. Map voting… yes yes I get it’s not really competitive blah blah… I don’t like it lol. Loser should pick. I think that would work just fine with balancing the map effects as it is.

I could also live with the suggestions of dropping auto-balance to zero when a team wins as well.