Evacuation map (I've only been to the top right)


I didn’t know what to put this as, so I decided feedback. So in evacuation mode I have only ever started on the top right not once have I ever started in the bottom left, top left, or bottom right. I’ve played A LOT of evacuation but it seems like I’m going to the exact same maps everytime, it’s kinda annoying. I want to play the maps in other places, but I never get the option to


You can spawn in every single evacuation map i believe, but i also know that the most common ones are aviary, refuelin plant, barracks and so on.

However, to prove the RNGJesus is real, i have spawned in fusion plant once. ( why is that RNGJesus ? Well of course because i rarely get to play fusion plant as getting to it is a pain in the ass )


ok I just didn’t know if this was a bug, or I was just unlucky haha so thanks