Evacuation is well and truly BROKEN!


It’s one thing to give people a slight advantage in order to keep up with a better player/team, but from my personal experience the buffs given to the losing side are way too significant.

I simply do not enjoy playing the monster in Evacuation because of this reason. I’ve just come from a game where I dominated the Hunters during the early rounds, but the damage buffs they had later on just enabled them to shred me to pieces, and it didn’t help it was a Nest game either (bye bye eggs!). Coupled with characters like Laz which just allow them to keep piling on the damage, and you have yourselves a very dead Monster; this isn’t balancing, this is forcing a win.

Similarly, I have felt very bad for Monsters whom my team have lost against round after round, only to have the balancing in our favor. Cool, so you have a minion we can wipe out in less than a minute? We have 4x damage buff plus the default turrets on Defend.

It’s not a bad system by any means, but it causes too many problems. With the matchmaking currently as it is, all it lends to is longer waiting times because people don’t want to play as the monster. If they stick around, they leave during Defend or the fourth game because the odds are insurmountable.


Yup it is unbalanced, they don’t plan to fix it apparently since its “for fun”. Atleast thats all the responses I got posting a similar thread.


While i do agree that winning a 4x autobalance team in defend is hard as hell without using kraken, evacuation is a mode designed for fun, but if 4x autobalance seems too op, maybe theyll do something about it. @MacMan


I went 4-1 losing in defend yet the hunters got the victory cinematic and I got a loss, wtf?


The entire game is “for fun”, why implement a multitude of different game modes if you’re not even going to try and balance them properly?

I understand that Hunt is the meat of this game. You can tell. Perhaps they just added the new modes as filler or what have you, but it doesn’t excuse the fact it’s a frustrating experience. Actually, there’s your reason why it isn’t fun; it’s unfair and frustrating.


Buddy I made the same thread, you’re preaching to the choir. It needs to be fixed. The fact of the matter is the hunter players outnumber monster players and they like it the way it is, most modes are hunter favored and defend is laughably in the favor of hunters with autobalance and turrets. I’m just saying the responses I got were basically leave it fucked cause its for fun.

I fight hard for 4-1 victories as monster, only to get slapped in the face by autobalance.


If the loosing team didn’t get something they would just leave, I think the real problem with evac is that the monsters vote doesn’t mean anything and hunters never wanna play rescue. I think the modes should be random other than first day hunt and last day defend. Maybe they could tone down the autobalance buff.


we beat a 2x buff kraken on defend last night. was super hard as he was actually a good player who joined in place of a bot too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand the autobalance and don’t see a huge problem with it for the most part. maybe a little tweaking and an option to have public games with it off?

also i don’t really like when say, the hunters win everything, then lose defend because of a 4x buff, and they get the “losing” cutscene… feels like we were kickng a** the whole time then lose the whole game to one mega buffed monster.


I think auto-balance is supposed to somewhat offset the advantage gained from map conditions gained by the winning team…

but it’s blown out of proportion, and shouldn’t scale up NEARLY so high.

Just dial it back a lil. That’s all really.


I’m not a fan of auto-balance. There should be an option to toggle it at the very least, and the “standard” version for matchmaking should have it turned off.

Barring this, at least make the adjustments of the balancing more subtle than they are now.


I’m a noob, admittedly.

When playing evacuation, I was under the impression it was a best out of 5…are you saying the first 4 matches are just to determine where the auto-balance and map buffs go, but all that matters is the final match for victory purposes?


Technically, the winner of Evac is determined by the team that wins Defend. But in my mind, the real winner is the team that gets the most XP (A.K.A. kills/saves the most colonists).


I’ll let @MacMan go into specifics, but the buffs given to the losing side don’t amount to very much.


I’d your playing evacuation and loose to the hunters with armored minions then evacuation probably isn’t for you. If you want auto balance off cue up a game of defend.


Thanks for the reply, that seems odd to me. Why even have the first 4 matches if victory is determined by the final match? I must be missing something.

Again, brand new to this game - but not gaming.


Probably not much to do with the autobalance. Defend is heavily balanced towards the Hunter team at the moment when looking at telemetry overall but this is largely due to monster players not knowing how to play that mode yet. When we look at high level games, 30+ ranks, the balance is very near 50/50.

It’s our job to communicate how to play, so we need to work on some things to help new players out. For example, the turrets should be outlined to draw your attention to them.

Monsters - get armor first, then take out those mounted turrets, then go get armor again, then beat down the Hunters while your minions work on the generators. Rinse and repeat. If you don’t take out those mounted turrets, you’re not going to win.


I agree with this. Their logic is that the map effects help with winning the next match, then winning that helps with the next one, and so on. But in practice, autobalancing negates that.

So, when I play with friends, we call whoever saves/kills the most colonists wins. :smiley_cat:


Annoyingly, and essentially, yes.

It all comes down to the final defense, monster loses than, hunters win. That for me, is the only broken part of the mode (and yes, the autobalance is far far to high)

There needs to be a way for the monster to have a “majority” win in defend, instead of “monster has this much time to kill hunters otherwise hunter auto win”.

For example if you win 4 matches as evolve, and lose at the end just coz you run out of time, that’s a hunter victory. My question to SlabOMeat and others is WHY?

SURELY if the monster has killed more colonists than colonists saved, that’s a hunter win, regardless of if the monster wins or loses at the end, It should come down to maximum damage, maximum deaths/saviors and the overall effectiveness of the Monsters actions.

Don’t get me wrong, map to map bonuses are GREAT but seeing as they do not stack on the defense map (unless then do? Not sure if you can have random teleporters or aggrresive wild life or “rainy weather” or all the other monster/hunter buffs on the final defense map) then, th ere needs to be something else, some incentive.

Perhaps…perhaps, here is an idea, if at the end of the game the monster has killed more civilians that civilians rescued, he should get a “majority win” bonus at the end. So, hunters still “win” but the monster actually gets a majority win at the end of the match, and if it’s a 5-0, majority win PLUS colony destruction win.

I dunno…something needs to change to make a 4-1 monster victory scenario less of ball ache situation, nothing major, just something else to factor into the final battle more than just “minions have armor” like for example…4 minions, or 5 minions instead of 3, more wildlife/rogue albino wildlife to help the assault or carry over map buffs to defense, like the ion storms and all the others.



Actually, that is who determines the winner. The end cinematic is just there for fluff. If there was no auto-balance then #1 - the team that won would have a big advantage over the team that lost (map effect) and #2 - after two or three consecutive losses, the losing side would all just quit the Evac mode.

Do people really want to play three or four maps in Evac and have the opposing side just all drop out?


+1 to this.