Evacuation is a really broken after update (Updated with more problems)

So playing for a good chunk of the day and some last night I have discovered alot of issues that have popped up since the update. For the Xbox One for example.



Day One Defend

About half of the games I have played resulted in Day One Defend and though it is fun it as annoying some of them have resulted in Five Day defend.


They always result in this screen at the end some where no points are rewarded to players.

Three times I have also joined into a 7 player Evacuation game.

How you might ask? Well a friend and I partied up and we both joined a public game and we got put into a game that placed us in Observer Mode.


And once the game was over we had this screen.


forcing us to quit the game because it would not go away.

Though these glitches are annoying I have hope they are patched soon because it is kinda annoying having these problems and basically unable to play.


Well turns out more things broke today then before with Evacuation.


I kept getting this error a few times and not just for me but my friend as well forcing us to restart our games and it happened randomly during games just from playing while loading up the next game.


Today Hunters gamegtags in the lobby would not show as well as there classes cause people to be unable to pick the classes they wanted even though it appeared the lobby said there were empty spots when really there was not. This occurred randomly when joining games.

I too was having the Day 1: Defend issue today. On top of that, at the end of the match, where the survivors rescued/killed gets tallied, all I saw was this:

for like 40-60 seconds, effectively replacing the survivor tally and the character progression tally, and then was bounced into a new evacuation lobby

From there I bounced from Defend to defend, with separate lobbies/player sets, all told, 5 times before I gave up to come here. Each time the end of round tallies never showed

Thanks for reporting the issue. Please include details of how you joined, if people left, who was partied up, and any other details you can relay about the circumstances leading up to the point of the bug. We’ll be looking into it, but the more specific details you include, the more helpful it would be to us.

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How I joined was just just partying up with a friend and we looked for an Evacuation game just through the regular search. We would get into a game and it would pop up as Day One : Defend and then the screen would go black and names would connect very slowly give or take 30 seconds (I did not count but about that long) then we would be placed in the game.

Observer Mode it would be the same process but it could of been more people because we were in a full lobby but it only said that my friend was in Observer mode where as on my friends screen it was me who was in the mode.

The screen bugging out forcing us to quit goes hand and hand with the Day One: Defend we would complete the match and it would put up in the Unknown everything screen or just put us on Day 2: Defend. If we were put in the post credit damage report screen we would be kicked to searching for players with one empty spot and nothing would happen when the time hit zero and it would just leave my friend and I leaving having the screen like that unable to do anything in an infinite search unable to do anything until we forced restarted the game.

I hope this helps with the bug patch I can send you more updates as they occur because it seems as of today it started to occur because yesterday it was fine but as play I discover other things as well as now the cut scenes frame rate drops from I believe 60FPS to down to about 20 FPS but I am unable to capture it correctly on video be it is constantly happening and I will gladly send you a few if I can successfully capture it.

Bump due to even more problems occurring as of today and has this been occurring to anyone else or am I just crazy and unlucky?

Have you still been running into this and do you have any additional information about this?

Minor problems but nothing as big as when the patch for Tier 4 occurred.

Gamertags not appearing is a common problem where two players simply can’t connect to each other but they can both connect to the host.

I also believe that this screen appears when the host leaves the lobby and other players say they just get that blank mission report.

No that issue occurred for a day when all we had was Day 1 Defend.

The other issue with names occurred and we had phantom players and would not see them in our lobby much like the invisible monster glitch. Both are fixed now.

Trust me I’ve seen both of these errors before and very often at that. The names not appearing is a connection problem and the bugged mission report is due to something like the host leaving the lobby after the five rounds, bad connection as well or something like that.