Evacuation Explained!


Evacuation Explained!

More information on the game’s newly announced mode: Evacuation! Featuring a variety of different goals across different maps:


To add onto this, I’m really looking forward to all the different variables and outcomes that take into effect on the next map after it. Really adds to the awesome variety of things that Evolve already has! And now I REALLY want to play Defense mode also. :smile:

[Evacuation] Campaign mod revealed (no video)

Thanks for posting this.

So evacuation kinda works like the L4D campaign but you get carryover effects depending on who wins each stage?
Also would the winner be determined by the final score, the colonists saved vs killed or who wins the last map.


Yeah, so this is pretty sweet. Really great for longer sessions (might get past some of that hunt apathy people have if there’s a larger game at play?) and clear opportunities for competitive play. Just checking out the other videos now!

So my question would be as to how the voting works, is it one collective hunter vote and one monster vote? What about tie breaks? Or are hunters meant to have the benefit of choosing?


It says whoever wins the most stages (best of 5) wins Evacuation


really looking forward to this!


I was thinking that was the most likely one, but the fact that the reward for winning the last map was ‘colonists escape’ had me doubting myself


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
:cry: :cry: :cry:
Evacuation only in Xbox One beta…
When this appeared on screen, i got a bit disappointed :cry:


Looks cool.

The whole ‘Alpha Monster’ bit really gives me hope that the player monster is different than the mindless zombies that the others are. Maybe the other ones can’t evolve? That would be pretty legit, and good lore for the gamemodes, explaining why you are the only stage 3.

I wonder, if you choose Kraken, are the minions krakens or are they goliaths?


So this is the equivelent to a story mode. 5 games of porbably random gamemodes on random maps and whoever wins in each round get s an advantage in the next game. Like extra wildlife will be spawned or peramiter fences. This also confirms a Rescue and defend gamemode. I really want to make a topic about those two but I think those two gamemodes should stay here.
@MacMan I have a question. It says that the Goliath earned a AI companion for the next gamemode which is on nest. So does he spawn with the companion? Can he still hatch eggs if the extra companion is there? Will there be any story in this gamemode or is it simply a marathon?


All minions in the Egg gamemode are Goliath minions. I would bet that a Kraken companion might be in this gamemode though. :wink:


From the site.


Yeah, this is pretty cool. Two new modes.

Protect is what we saw in the trailer I guess, lots of minions.

Rescue is the inevitable colonist protection mode.

Are there going to be cutscenes in evac?


Words do not even describe how excited i am for this game now,
This is basically campaign mode in L4D but much more and i’m thankful for that <3


Oh and a new map confirmed. Salveron Industries. Can’s wait to see that. I wonder when each gamemode will be revealed/talked about.
Wait I know.
Soooooon tm


So hyped. OMG


I do not believe my eyes. It’s awesome!


Honestly this excites me more than the entirety of IGNs month long coverage.


defend mode commentary

rescue mode commentary


So, anybody want to guess which mode doesn’t support all maps now that the other modes are announced? :smile:


i didnt think i would ever say these words again… im hyped