Evacuation ending


This is something that i noticed that could be pretty cool so i just thought what if at the end of evacuation if th monster wins on the rock just as you see the ship crash you can see the players monster (type and skin) roaring
I dunno what do you guys think


Would be pretty cool, but don’t think it would happen. Behemoth isn’t even in it or T4 haha but would be awesome.

Also, T4 intro cutscene like the original 12.


It would be interesting, but I don’t really play Evac. O.o


But still i want to see behemoth roaring at the crashing ship while the Goliath, Kraken and Wraith tear the last hunters apart


Most people don’t. Not anymore, at least. :stuck_out_tongue:


i do :disappointed:


I didn’t play it in Beta/after launch either. O.o
Hunt’s still quite fun.


Do you get games often? I figured it would be quite hard now.


If I’m playing Evac, I’m playing Nest as monster, and im Goliath. Rescue is stressful, and I don’t enjoy it so much. But running into battle with my son (the little Goliath is my son, no arguing) attacking Hunters with another Goliath is so exhilarating. I think most people assume the minions are cheese to kill, because they are, but if you attack head on side by side, it can be brutal.

I remember one time specifically when I charged Val off a cliff, and my minion at the bottom picked up a rock and hit her with it, it was beautiful. You can cause chaos so easily.


I still play it from time to time - I can usually get a game. I like putting context to the senseless violence. Straight up Hunt is still my preferred mode but sometimes I will boot up an Evac game or two.

It seems that it has a novelty factor as most of the people are of lesser skill/lower level but once in a while you can find a pretty good team during.


That feeling you get, when you won the first 4 games in a row. Only to know what’s coming in the 5th, since the other team has that death advantage.


this, doing the same playing evac from time to time. Its refreshing from the “normal” hunt.


I play Evac solo a lot and occasionally, I do go online Evac. It is a refreshing change of pace from Skirmish since there will always be at least one Nest or Rescue mode. Because of this, I do hope they update the intro and ending cutscenes to include the new Hunters and Monsters.


I mostly play evac, that’s how I reached rank 40 within three weeks.


It’s tough but if you roll with Bob or the Kraken you can win the 5th game too. I really enjoy when that endgame stats screen pops up though, destroyed, destroyed, destroyed, destroyed, destroyed - warms my icy. little heart. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Evac takes a little too long.

I want a skirmish function that cycles through all modes, including defend.

That would get me into games with other players in those other modes more often.


yeah i hate constantly playing hunt again and again